Tarps & Covers

If you’re looking for tarps and covers, you can almost certainly find anything you’re looking for at A1 Tarps. We’re the largest tarp manufacturer in the U.S., which means we can give you American-made quality along with low prices from the source and a wide assortment of tarps and covers.

A1Tarps.com stocks many different styles of tarps with a wide selection of materials, styles and uses. We offer tarps made from materials including polyethylene, mesh polypropylene, vinyl and canvas.

Our heavy-duty polyethylene tarps are the strongest, most durable tarps we offer. These tarps are best for protecting valuable equipment that you need to keep outdoors for a long time. They are also invaluable aids during emergencies. You may have seen them in use to cover roofs and even as temporary shelters after hurricanes and other natural disasters.

If you require a good-quality tarp that doesn’t have to last as long (and which won’t cost as much), then consider using a medium-strength polyethylene tarp for more temporary applications. Polypropylene mesh tarps, which let light pass through, are popular for agriculture, gardening and other outdoor applications where light, air and visibility are necessary along with the protection tarps afford.

Available in many different weights, vinyl tarps are designed for heavy-duty jobs. They’re particularly appropriate for protection from the weather, including rain, wind and water. Vinyl tarps are ideal for covering loads on trucks because they stand up to rain and wind. We stock these tarps in a wide variety of colors, including clear, so you can see what’s under the tarp.

Our canvas tarps, made of military-grade cotton, are frequently used as drop cloths for painting. Other uses include storage and transport — especially for covering loads on dump trucks and pickup trucks.

We also carry fire-retardant tarps, construction tarps, large tarp covers, athletic field tarps and covers, canopy top replacements, hay tarps, discount tarps and a host of other tarps and covers. If you have any questions, just call or email us for expert advice from the tarp and cover pros.
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