Canopy Replacement Covers

A1 Tarpsí replacement canopy covers are made of 6-ounce, 12-mil polyethylene material, with grommets spaced every 18 inches for attaching the canopy to the frame. You can purchase either A1ís traditional style of canopy or opt for the valance canopy tarp, which you can enclose for further protection with side panels and end caps.
Most people use A1 Tarpsí replacement canopy covers to replace canopies theyíve put up in their driveways or yards to protect their cars, their boats or their other precious possessions. A good canopy covers vehicles and boats to guard against the damaging rays of the sun as well as everything else the outdoors can throw at them, like snow, sleet and rain. A1 Tarpsí waterproof, UV-resistant canopies offer a simple, affordable alternative to building or expanding a garage. If your old canopy is worn out, you need to replace it, because a worn canopy wonít offer the protection against UV rays and water that you want and your cars and boats need.

Itís important to replace your canopy top on a regular basis to make sure your possessions are getting the best possible protection. Particularly if you leave your canopy up year-round, it can quickly become damaged and ineffective, not only endangering your possessions but also becoming an eyesore on your property.

A1 has a variety of durable, well-made canopies available in different sizes and styles, from as small as 10 by 10 feet to as large as 30 by 40 feet, with several sizes in between, including the popular 10 x 20 traditional canopy top cover or valance canopy top cover and the 10 x 20 traditional canopy top cover or valance canopy top cover. When ordering your replacement canopy, make sure to take careful measurements and to check the productís specs, because the measurements for the canopy top may not be exactly the same as for the top of the frame.

A canopy is a simple and affordable solution for providing added protection in your yard or driveway. You can easily store a car, boat, or other vehicle beneath the canopy and enjoy great protection from the elements without the expense of adding on to a garage. If you have a canopy frame set up in your yard, but your canopy top has seen better days, it's time to invest in a replacement. If your canopy isn't in good shape, it won't protect your vehicle the way you want it to. You need a quality, durable canopy on your frame to make the most out of this structure. We have canopies available in a variety of sizes and constructions.

Each canopy is made from 12 mil-thick polyethylene that protects against UV rays and water. Grommets are included at 18" intervals for easy placement. You can purchase your canopy top in a traditional style or valance style. For full coverage, end caps and side panels are available as well. Putting together these matching pieces allows you to customize your canopy to offer as much or as little coverage as you need. Canopies come as small as 10' x 10' or as large as 30' x 40' with several options in between.

When you're purchasing canopy top replacements, it's important that you check the specifications for the item that you're interested in. Measure your frame carefully to ensure that the canopy will fit over top. The width is the distance across the front of the canopy space. The length is the distance from the front pole to the very back pole. The peak length is the length of one side of the roof, from the top of the peak to the point where the roof meets the poles on the sides.

The measurements for the canopy top may not be the same as the measurements for the frame. This is why it's important to carefully read the product details to make sure your canopy will fit correctly. Upgrading your canopy top regularly is a good way to ensure that your vehicles always get maximum protection. This is especially true if your canopy is a long-term structure that you leave up throughout the year. With the right canopy, your yard or driveway can instantly become much more functional. Use the right high-quality canopy top canvas coverings to keep your canopy in good shape, and protect your vehicles from all the hazardous elements.
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