A1 Tarps has a large selection of quality canopies and tarps with canopy kits including all of the required parts for easy installation. If you need replacement canopy accessories or additional canopy supplies, we have what you need in stock and ready to ship.

Our tarp accessories include ball bungee cords, rope and tie downs. Tarps have multiple uses such as for camping, boat tarp and carport covers. Bungee cords are ideal for keeping tarps in place, particularly when the tarp is being used as a long term cover.

Rope for tarps is good when using tarps while camping as you can attach tarp to trees to provide campsite cover. Canopy accessories include bar braces and ratchet tie downs. Bar braces are typically placed between steel bars on a canopy frame to keep the frame in place. Ratchet tie downs are used to secure the top frame of the canopy to the legs as well as for securing the legs to cement blocks to keep canopy shelters in place. These canopy accessories are not exclusive to A1 Tarps products. If you have older tarps or canopies and simply need new parts, our tarp and canopy accessories will work beautifully.

Tarps and canopies form most of the structures we offer in our store, but sometimes other materials are needed to help set up a canopy frame or keep a tarp in place. As our store offers a variety of canopy shelters and tarps, we have accessories to help with attaching tarps to a canopy or simply keeping them in place, setting up a canopy, and repairing any existing tarps and canopies.

Our selection of accessories for your tarps includes ball bungee cords, rope, and tie downs. A tarp can be used for camping, as a boat tarp, and can be a canopy for a carport or portable garage. To keep the tarp open or in place as a cover, bungee cords are typically used to keep the tarp in place, which is especially important when a tarp is used as a long term cover, such as a boat tarp or a boat canopy. Rope, in addition, is helpful when setting up a camping tarp. As a camping tarp needs to be attached to trees to in order to protect a camp site, rope should be brought along with the tarps to attach the tarps to two or four trees. For tarp repairs, as even heavy duty poly tarps experience strain over the years, we carry tarp repair kits.

Canopies also need to be set up and sometimes kept in place, and our store also sells a variety of canopy accessories. Some of these canopy accessories include bar braces and ratchet tie downs. A bar brace can be used between steel bars on a canopy frame to keep it in place, especially as certain bars on a canopy frame receive more stress than others. A ratchet tie down, on the other hand, is helpful when needing to put a canopy structure on a non-dirt surface, such as a parking lot. A ratchet tie down can secure the top frame of the canopy to the legs and can secure the legs to cement blocks to keep the canopy shelter in place.

Other accessories we carry include many hurricane and camping items. For camping, we carry tent stakes, hooks, and collapsible chairs. Our hurricane supplies, to help you in a hurricane, include gloves, raingear, traffic cones, and other items necessary during a hurricane and its aftermath.

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