Poly Tarps

Ideal for enduring every weather system imaginable, our heavy-duty polyethylene tarps are built for the outdoors. Made from extremely durable three-ply poly material, a solid poly tarp can be used for just about any application, including gardening, sports, hunting, camping and covering your boats, RVs and outdoor equipment.

Tarps are a multipurpose covering solution to protecting your investments, whether you're using a tarp cover for as an RV or boat cover or need a hay tarp to cover hay or other farm equipment. Tarps are used for shelter as camping tarps and are often a sturdy cover for transporting materials, such as with truck tarps or flatbed lumber tarps. One tarp, however, can't do all  these things, as a tarp, much like a piece of fabric, can be made from different materials and with different grades of durability. Heavy duty tarps, with silver poly tarps being the most popular, are used for more strenuous situations requiring cover, such as a truck tarp, and, while polyethylene tarps are fairly popular, other types of tarps include mesh tarps, plastic tarps, and canvas tarps, all of which can be medium duty or heavy duty tarps.

A heavy-duty poly tarp has a high dernier count, which makes it more durable than a simple plastic tarp. A polyethylene tarp is used for the strongest protection, as a poly tarp is strong enough to last outdoors. A typical heavy duty poly tarp is still breathable, allowing air to circulate to prevent mildew and dry rot forming, which is particularly important when used as a boat tarp, baseball tarp, hay tarp, or lumber tarp. These poly tarps, for additional protective properties, are often UV treated. While a silver poly tarp is the most common type of heavy-duty tarp, other types of heavy-duty tarps include white polyethylene tarps.

Sometimes, however, a heavy duty or poly tarp isn't necessary for protection, and a medium duty plastic tarp will suffice. These types of tarps, with blue tarps being the most common medium duty tarps available, are used as roof tarps or for tarp shelters, including use as a camping tarp. As a roof tarp, this type of plastic tarp will keep out water and prevent mildew and mold from forming inside of a house temporarily until a contractor can fix the damaged roof. These blue roof tarps come particularly useful in case of a hurricane for temporary roofing. In addition, these plastic tarps are useful for a camping trip in case of rain, as a tarp shelter can be built from two tarps to protect the tent, the area in front of the tent, and the ground below the tent to prevent camping supplies from getting wet. In the case of creating a tarp shelter from a camping tarp, additional ropes and stakes are needed to set up the tarps.

Aside from poly tarps and medium and heavy duty tarps, other types of tarps include mesh and canvas tarps. Mesh tarps are typically used as outdoor screens or as a dump truck tarp to protect a load from flying out of the truck during transport. While a mesh tarp is best for transporting most materials as a dump truck or flatbed lumber tarp, a mesh tarp won't sufficiently protect materials that cannot be exposed to water; in this case, a vinyl or poly tarp would work better as a truck tarp. Canvas tarps, in addition, are an environmentally-friendly alternative for protecting outdoor investments like hay and farm equipment and is often used best as a drop cloth for painting.

When it comes to outdoor tarps, poly is the most weather-proof material available. Polyethylene is a plastic material with a high denier count, so itís great for jobs that require long-term protection. Our poly tarps are fully waterproof but also provide enough air circulation to prevent mildew and dry rot formation, so they offer the perfect solution for covering your boats, hay or lumber. We carry everything from bright orange and yellow poly tarps to rugged camouflage tarps to everyday, multipurpose silver poly tarps and more.

Many of our heavy-duty poly tarps are UV treated, so they add an extra layer of protection against the sunís harmful UV rays that can cause warping, fading and cracking on your most valuable outdoor items. A solid UV treated tarp covering for your old cars and marine equipment can mean adding extra years of life and luster to the vehicle. These super durable tarps are built to last for years of sturdy use, with reinforced corner guards and extra tear resistant tarp materials. Each one is acid resistant, mildew resistant and designed for arctic flexibility.

It is strongly recommended that excessive pressure is not placed on the grommets. Tarp ties should be of flexible, elastic material. We advise against using any ties that are ridged, such as rope or wire. We do not accept returns for pulled grommets as a result of mis-use.
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