Clear UV Poly Tarps
(14 Mil)

For year-round protection, our clear polyethylene tarps are a stand-out solution. Making an absolutely ideal greenhouse tarp or clear canopy cover, these see-through poly tarps are waterproof and fully UV protected.

Clear tarps, like many others, have a similar combination of uses. For a specific need, clear tarps are better for outdoor greenhouses and other canopy-like structures in which visibility from the outside is necessary. On a general level, clear tarps made out of polyethylene or vinyl can be used for long-term outdoor protection.

Clear tarps are made out of heavy-duty polyethylene, and those sold through A1Tarps have a three by three mesh count and 12 mil thickness. Because the material is designed for long-term outdoor uses, the heavy-duty polyethylene is treated to be waterproof, UV resistant, mildew resistant, and rot proof. Clear plastic tarps can be used for a wide range of applications, but are especially popular among all-season gardeners and commercial growers. Turn the whole year into a fruitful growing season with a transparent tarp that keeps your plants warm, dry and exposed to just the right amount of sunlight and fresh air. These tarps can also be used to add canopy walls to your outdoor patio, sun room or deck, since they allow for natural lighting with a weatherproof, protective appeal.

Each clear UV resistant tarp is made from high-density woven polyethylene and 6-ounce, 14-millimeter thick mesh material. This precise blend of protection and breath-ability is waterproof, mildew resistant and acid resistant to keep your plants, outdoor ponds and farm materials 100 percent clean, dry and fresh. The 1,200 denier count (14 x 14 mesh count) poly material features 36-inch grommet spacing and reinforced corner guards to give you a durable, heavy-duty covering that will last throughout all extreme weather conditions and tough jobs.

Additionally, our clear tarps are UV treated to help add an extra layer of protection against damaging UV rays in the warm-weather months. Still, each tarp is designed for arctic flexibility, meaning it will function at optimum performance in freezing temperatures. We carry tons of different sizes and shapes of clear plastic tarps, so browse our entire selection to find the right fit for your unique project. If you’re looking for a perfect garden canopy or greenhouse tarp that’s made to go from season to season, these high-quality tarps are the answer.
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