Yellow Poly Tarps
(12 Mil)

In addition to top-grade features like being UV rot resistant, completely waterproof and tear resistant, our yellow tarps also provide high visibility for a wide range of unique applications.

One method in keeping your covered items easily visible is by using a yellow poly tarp. While poly tarps in general offer long term protection for your residential and commercial investments by providing features such as heavy duty durability, breath ability, waterproof, and UV and rot resistance, a yellow poly tarp provides the added value of producing high visibility. When you or your covered items need to be easily spotted, a yellow tarp is the ultimate choice due to its bright and attractive color.

Yellow tarps can be applied almost anywhere, from special outdoor events to tent replacement covers to emergency tarps to covering hay. In terms of protecting hay, when a yellow poly tarp is used to protect a season's worth of hay from rotting or spoiling, preventing hay from succumbing to rot and mildew by using a tarp is much more cost, labor, and time efficient than simply storing bushels of hay in a barn.

Perfect for carrying large truckloads and alerting fellow motorists of hazardous materials, our yellow poly tarps are eye-catching and fully practical at once. Perfectly suited for use as softball tarps, boat tarps and vehicle coverings, these top-grade tarps are packed with functions and elements that are designed to suit both large and small scale jobs.

Each yellow poly tarps is fabricated using durable 6-ounce, 12-millimeter polyethylene that contains a 14 x 14 mesh count. This high-grade material is also reinforced by three-ply 1,200 denier count poly, so it’s completely resistant to tearing, fraying and losing its shape. While each of our bright yellow tarps is 100 percent waterproof, they’re also uniquely designed to allow for extra air circulation so they resist acid and mold buildup, completely safeguarding your investments against damage. UV protection allows for an extra layer of protection against harmful sun rays, while the material’s arctic flexibility means it will stay in action in freezing temperatures. These yellow poly tarps are truly equipped for every season.

Here at A1 Tarps, we’re fully committed to providing you with high-end tarps for a great price, so browse our yellow poly tarps sale to find surprisingly low price tags. With so many sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find an option here that suits your individual needs and budget. Many of our cheap yellow tarps start at under $10, but you can rest assured that you won’t be compromising quality when you take advantage of these super low prices.

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