White Poly Tarps
(12 Mil)

Unlike many standard poly tarps, white poly tarps are specially designed to allow for a bit of extra light to shine through. While these heavy-duty, multipurpose outdoor coverings can endure all weather systems and high levels of wear and tear, they are uniquely suited for situations that require a bit of extra light penetration.

White tarps are one of the many varieties of heavy duty polyethylene tarps. While the silver poly tarps is often used outdoors for its reflective qualities, white tarps are a popular alternative for outdoor applications. A white tarp is used for many of the same purposes that a silver poly tarp is used for, including but not limited to canopy covers, boat covers, truck tarps, and athletic field covers. Poly tarps offer long term weather protection and are considered one of the most effective and economic methods in transport, storage and long term coverage.

Our white poly tarps exhibit the properties of heavy-duty construction due to their high denier count, mesh count, and mil thickness. Because polyethylene tarps are often used for outdoor protection and shelter purposes, our heavy duty white poly tarps have additional features in order to serve a wide range of uses beyond offering shade. Our poly tarp is treated to be resistant to UV damage and rotting. A white poly tarp needs to protect vehicles from the sun's harmful rays, which can damage the paint and crack plastic portions of the vehicle. This is especially true when relying on a poly tarp to provide coverage for an RV or boat. A poly tarp, by its composition, allows for breath ability and won't allow moisture to build up beneath the tarp preventing mold and mildew from forming during storage. In comparison to having a boat shrink wrapped for the winter, a white poly tarp is an economical and easier solution for protecting your investment.

When used as an athletic field cover, our polyethylene tarps come large enough to cover an entire baseball field, in most cases. In addition, our white poly tarps have weighted edges so that when they are rolled onto the field, it takes less than ten minutes to spread them out. Our white tarps will quickly protect the field from becoming muddy and usable in all weather conditions.

White tarps are versatile enough to be used for everyday applications and work particularly well as heavy duty boat tarps, canopy tops and side walls. They also lend themselves to special uses like ice skating rink liners and outdoor movie screens. These tough, white tarps will surprise you with their incredible versatility.

All of the white poly tarps for sale on the A1 Tarps site are constructed from a 6-ounce, 12-mil polyethylene material that contains a 14 x 14 mesh count. This allows for the right blend of coverage and breathability. By letting a small amount of air to pass through, these white poly tarps will resist mildew, acid and mold buildup, helping keep your outdoor items completely clean and dry. They're also UV treated so they can protect your outdoor storage areas from harmful sun rays that can cause fading, cracking and warping. We carry everything from a 12-ounce white UV tarp that makes an excellent outdoor boat cover to a smaller, tear-resistant white tarp that can be used to cover plants in the winter.

Each laminated white poly tarp is fashioned with grommets that are 18 inches apart. Every white tarp is also fitted with reinforced corner guards to increase their long-term durability. The 1,200 denier count material promises to deliver arctic flexibility, so it will function just as well at freezing temperatures. Rest assured, the three-ply polyethylene material of these white tarps is built to withstand tearing and fraying for years to come.
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