White Mesh Tarps

Made of 6-ounce, heavy-duty polypropylene, our white mesh tarps are specially treated to block UV rays. While offering shade and sun protection, a white mesh tarp still allows for about 25 percent of light to pass through, making it a perfect solution for garden, nursery and horticulture coverings. Our white mesh garden tarps are ideal for shielding low-light plants such as holly and rhododendrons from overexposure to the sun. These tarps also make excellent truck tarps and can help keep your cargo secure. The durable yet controllable weight of these tarps means you can use them for just about any outdoor use you can think of. From pool covers to landscaping to coy pond protection, these trusty tarps will have all your outdoor projects simplified in no time.

The Finish Size Of All Tarps Is 4 - 6 Percent Less Than Cut (Listed) Size.

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