White Tarps (8 Mil)

When it comes to temporary storage, affordable is the way to go. A1 Tarps' white discount tarps are guaranteed not to break your budget. Available at a low cost, these medium duty white tarps are ideal for a wide range of temporary storage strategies. Have several on hand for any number of uses including as a short-term solution for roof or window repair after a storm, for covering a vehicle or other investment outdoors, as temporary liner for a pond or pool, or for throwing over a garden or vegetable patch in the event of frost.

20' x 30' White Regular Duty Tarp<br>(19'6"x29'6")
List Price: $100.80
Our Price: $50.40
20' x 40' White Regular Duty Tarp<br>(19'6"x39'6")
List Price: $134.40
Our Price: $67.20

Each discount white tarp is made out of 8 mil, 10x10 mesh count polyethylene. The tear-resistant material offers further protective benefits like a waterproof surface and UV and mildew resistance. At A1 Tarps, even our cheap tarps are designed to guard against elements-related damage.

At these great prices, purchasing all the tarps needed for an emergency or extra protection is entirely possible. Search through our large selection to find one or more discount white tarps in just the size you require.
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