Welding Blankets
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Construction crews and pipe fitters who perform welding as part of their jobs should have welding blankets from A1 Tarps as part of their tools of the trade. These high quality welding blankets are made using materials including fiberglass, silica and slag and serve as a very effective shield for people and property from temperatures ranging from 600 to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Our welding blankets can be used as curtains in the machine shop, as drop cloths, insulation mats and as machine covers. The various types of welding blankets available include the 18-ounce aluminized fiberglass version that is made from highly texturized silica yarn that has been laminated with 0.001 aluminum foil. This blanket is typically used as removable insulation pads, vapor shields and as flange shields and can protect against temperatures up to 1,000 degrees. A1 Tarps also has 24-ounce gold slag welding blankets and 21-ounce black slag blankets that are ideal for use as curtains, blankets or screens and 24-ounce insul-shield fiberglass welding blankets that are ideal for use with high temperature applications that have high sparking and medium splatter. The best choice for very high temperature applications is the 36-ounce silica welding blankets. The blankets will provide protection at continuous temperatures up to 1,800 degrees and consist of CH Grade silica. In addition to blankets, A1 Tarps has welding screens available in assorted sizes and colors. These welding screens have durable tubular frames and transparent vinyl materials that are fire retardant. Additionally, the screens are resistant to oil, water and mildew. These welding screens are available in single and multi-panel formats and are a good option that allows spectators to safely view the welding work through the material.
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