Vinyl Tarps

Our vinyl tarps are sturdy, reliable and durable. They are available in 10-ounce, 13-ounce, 18-ounce and 27-ounce weights. Because they're designed for heavy duty tasks, these strong tarps are ideal for covering water-sensitive and weather-sensitive items during inclement conditions. These heavy duty vinyl tarps can also be used for protecting or hiding valuable items or for providing cover for virtually anything during an emergency situation.

Please Note: ** Certain Vinyl Tarps are made to order and take up to 12-15 business days to craft before shipping. Please read our Custom Tarp Policy before ordering.

Heavy duty vinyl tarps are perfect for covering exposed truck loads during transportation because they can stand up to forceful winds, fast-moving debris and more. At A1 Tarps, we carry an extensive selection of vinyl tarps because we know they're essential to providing extreme protection under tough conditions.

Our heavy duty vinyl tarps are waterproof and resistant to UV rays. They're also mildew, oil and acid-resistant, which makes them among the most effective tarps on the market. Each tarp features heat-sealed seams that enhance their overall strength, and because the vinyl tarp material is treated to resist abrasion, these tarps are longer-lasting than most ordinary tarps. They can be used in short-term or long-term applications with fantastic results. Strong grommets placed at convenient intervals allow you to tie down these tarps with rope, paracord or another material for added security.

At A1 Tarps, our inventory includes a tarp to meet every need. Our lightweight 10-ounce tarps allow light to pass through without compromising strength, while our 13-ounce tarps keep water and debris out without placing a heavy burden on the items they're protecting. Our 18-ounce and 27-ounce tarps are the strongest and most durable on the market. We even carry fire-retardant tarps, camouflage patterns and clear PVC tarps to ensure that you can find exactly what you need. All of the heavy-duty tarps in our inventory can be used for personal or commercial applications, and they're available in a wide range of sizes that makes it easy to select the right one.

Prepare for the most extreme storage and transport instances with vinyl tarps. Made of the thickest, most durable material out there, all heavy duty vinyl tarps range from 10 ounce mesh to an 18 ounce, 22 mil thickness. Designed for both at-home and commercial applications, vinyl tarps are the solution for securing and sheltering a truck load, long-term storage of a vehicle or equipment, and various needs around a construction site or stadium.

Which vinyl tarp accurately matches your storage needs? On a basic level, such laminated or coated material is treated to be waterproof, and UV, mildew, oil, and acid resistant. Heat-sealed seams enhance the overall strength, while abrasion resistance allows the vinyl tarp material to last over a long period of active use. Strong enough to handle wind whipping through it, hard rains, and truck loads of all types, heavy duty vinyl tarps thoroughly keep out the elements while ensuring your investments stay dry.

Just as storage needs vary, so do our vinyl tarp options. On a lighter level, consider our 13ounce, 18 mil vinyl tarps, or if greater protection and longer strength are needed, opt for the 18 ounce, 22 mil laminated material. Eighteen ounce, 22mil coated vinyl tarps are a third option. If strength is a must but you still need light pass through it, our 55-percent shade 10 ounce vinyl mesh tarps are equipped with all the necessary qualities. To get the right size for any individual or commercial application, select from our vast range of size options.
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