Vinyl Coated Camo Tarps 18 Oz

Whether you like the pattern of camouflage or you want a tarp that will blend in with the environment, our 18 oz. vinyl coated camo tarps will provide your items with protection and the security in knowing they will not be subject to water damage.

Please Note: ** Vinyl Tarps are made to order and take up to 15-20 business days before shipping.

Made of vinyl fabric camouflage, these tarps are very useful during hunting excursions, fishing trips, camping adventures as well as woodpiles when you do not others to easily notice your supply. When you do not want a covering that stands out among trees and greenery, then you want a camo tarp.

Made to order, our durable, laminated camouflage tarps can be used to cover up equipment or make a statement as shelter over a car or season vehicle. Each of our camo tarps is made out of 22 mil laminated polyester, which is strong enough to last through abrasions and other potential issues that will arise when the tarp spends a large amount of time and activity outside, exposed to the elements. It is also prepared to fully protect your items with its ability to block harmful UV rays, water, oil, mildew and rot. You can keep your investments and supplies hidden with a camo vinyl tarp while also providing them with shelter. Choose from a variety of sizes for your camo tarp. Our tarps have the traditional pattern you associate with camouflage as well as brass grommets placed every 24 inches.

When you want your shelter to be inconspicuous – a key concern that you will have when you are out hunting and fishing – bring a waterproof camo tarp with you. It will stay in good condition in between your trips and during your trips. The tarps from are resistant to tearing. Look through our website for the size that will be a good fit for your needs.
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