Valance Top Pieces

Valance top covers drop down about 8 inches on each side to prevent water from seeping through the frame and damaging the items stored underneath. A1 Tarps’ valance tarps are made of tough, 12-mil polyethylene fabric. They’re water resistant as well as mildew proof and sun proof, offering complete protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Many customers choose to complement valance tops with front and back doors as well as sides in order to give total weather protection. In fairer weather, these sides and backs can be rolled up for better air circulation.

A car canopy with valance top can offer excellent protection for vehicles, motorcycles, boats, machinery and other items that you must store outside. Also known as a portable garage, this canopy with valance top can be an affordable, movable and inexpensive alternative to building or expanding a garage to accommodate additional storage. A1 Tarps’ well designed canopies with valance tops will add organization and beauty to any area.

Valance canopy installation starts with a top cover to go over the peaked top of a galvanized or powder-coated steel canopy frame. This top canopy serves as the anchor of the portable garage. From there, you can add side walls and back walls with zippered doors, if you like.

Popular sizes in A1 Tarps’ inventory include 18 by 20 foot and 20 by 20 foot valance and enclosed canopies, but A1 Tarps offers a full selection, including sizes from 10 by 12 feet to 20 by 40 feet. A1 Tarps’ more than 30 years of experience, extensive stock and focus on customer service means you can find exactly the right size of valance top you need for your needs at the right price. Call with any questions; we usually ship in-stock items in one to three days.

18x20 valance and enclosed canopies need to start with a top cover to cover the peaked roof of a galvanized or powder-coated steel canopy frame. After the valance canopy top piece has been installed, all other canopy components of a valance structure can be attached to the frame. However, while in warmer weather the side walls and front and back doors of a valance canopy can be rolled up, the top canopy in a valance canopy structure stays in place. Essentially, the top canopy for valance canopies is the foundation canopy. Although 18x20 and 20x20 valance and enclosed canopies are popular structures, our selection of valance canopies includes canopies up to 18 by 40 square feet.

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