Using Tarps As Storage Tents At Farms And Businesses

Whether you own a small farm or business or a large industrial operation, A1 Tarps carries a huge selection of tarps for farm and business storage. Browse our farm and business storage tarps at and you'll find exactly what you're looking for at exactly the right price.
Storage tents, tarps and canopies represent a small investment that can pay big returns in the protection they give your possessions. For business and farm owners, the tents, tarps and canopies available from A1 Tarps can protect vehicles and machinery from rain, wind, dust and the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun.

We even have tarps specially designed to protect hay. Our hay tarps can prevent moisture, mold and mildew from ruining hay as well as or better than a barn and can do so at a far lower price.

In fact, all of our storage tents, tarps and canopies offer extremely low-cost alternatives to more expensive permanent buildings and structures for storage. Our tents, tarps and canopies are easy to set up and also easy to take down and move if you decide you want to use them in another place. For business or farm use in hazardous occupations or places, we also offer fire-retardant canopies.

For small-business owners, our storage tarps provide an easy, inexpensive way to protect your goods from water and sun damage. They're ideal not only for protecting machinery but also for keeping firewood, lumber and other goods out of the elements. Store owners can use these canopies to exhibit merchandise out front for sidewalk sales. These versatile canopies can also offer shade to you, your employees or your customers at flea markets, swap meets, fairs and other outdoor venues.

We carry storage tarps and tents in many sizes, colors and designs, at highly discounted prices with fast shipping directly to you. If you have questions about our tarps for business and farm storage, just call us toll free for helpful answers.
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