Uses Of Portable Shade Canopies

Portable shade canopies and tents are a simple, lightweight and effective to keep you, your guests and even your possessions cool and protected practically anywhere and anytime. At A1 Tarps, we carry a huge selection of portable shade canopies at low, discounted prices with fast shipping directly to your door. Rather than fighting traffic, searching for a parking space and waiting in line to buy a portable shade canopy, you can shop online at A1 Tarps and get exactly the canopy you want at just the right price. Why wait in line when you can shop online?
The portable tents, tarps and canopies from A1 Tarps come in handy for dozens if not hundreds of outdoor uses. You can use them for social gatherings where guests can gather to keep cool while chatting, eating and drinking. They can provide a comfortable place for cooks to prepare and serve food outdoors. A portable shade canopy also makes a great place to store a car, truck or other vehicle or piece of machinery to keep it cool and protect it from the sun's damaging UV rays, which over time can fade practically any paint job.

Besides serving as a place to shelter your guests at parties and other social events, a shade canopy can also be set up over a picnic table to provide shade and coolness when you and your family gather for an informal meal, whether at home in the backyard or on the road or a camping trip.

If you're a business owner, you can place shade canopies outside your store and put extra products on display on tables under them to lure in more customers. Thanks to their easy setup and light weight, these canopies are also ideal for vendors selling food or other products outdoors at flea markets, swap meets and other events.

A1 Tarps carries a huge assortment of portable shade canopies in many shapes, sizes, styles and colors, so you can find one to suit just about any use and requirement. If you have any questions about which one would work best for you, just call us toll free for fast, friendly advice.
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