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What can you do with tarps? The question is, what can't you do? These versatile sheets of polyethylene are essential for economical outdoor protection. Combined with clamps or bungee cords to stay in place, a poly tarp blocks out harmful UV rays and water while preventing mildew and dry rot from building up.

Polyethylene isn't the only material sold. Find information in our articles section about mesh, canvas, and other tarps. Additionally, read about useful tarps shelters, including portable garages and carports, all designed to last for several months of the year, and temporary pop-up canopies.

10x12 Tarps
12x20 Tarps
20x20 Portable Garage Shelter
20x30 Tarp
Boat Canopy
Black Tarps
Building Tarp
Camp Tarps
Canopies & Tarps
Canopy Set Up Guide
Canopy Tarp
Canopy Tarps
Canvas Tarp
Car Canopies
Car Canopy
Car Tarps
Choosing The Right Tarp
Clear Tarps
Commercial Canopies
Custom Tarps
Discount Tarps
Dump Truck Tarps
Event Canopies
Flatbed Tarp
Flatbed Tarps
Greenhouse Canopies Hay Tarp
Hay Tarps
Heavy Duty Tarps
How To Tarp a Roof
Large Tarps
Lumber Tarps
Mesh Tarps
Outdoor Canopies

Party Tents
Poly Mesh Tarps
Pop Up Canopies
Pop Up Tents
Portable Car Garages
Portable Garage Carport
Portable Garage Plans
Portable Garages
Portable Garages & Sheds
Portable Garages Shelters
Portable Motorcycle Garages
Portable Tent Storage Garages
Portable Vehicle Storage
Product Care
Purchasing Canopy Tarp Replacements
Roof Tarp

RV Tarps
Roof Tarps
Silver Tarps
Shade Tarps
Tarp Shelter
Tarps & Canopies
Tarps Covers
Tarps for Sale
Tent Tarp
The Benefits Of Plastic Tarps
Truck Tarps
Truck Tarp Covers
Uses Of Portable Shade Canopies
Using Tarps As Storage Tents At Farms And Businesses
Waterproof Tarps (1)
Waterproof Tarps (2)
White Tarps
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