For tough, durable, good-looking tarps and canopy supplies at the lowest prices, shop our huge inventory at A1 Tarps. We have canopy kits, tarps, carports and frame fittings. If you need replacement tarps and canopy accessories fast, we have what you need in stock and ready to ship. Our tarp accessories include ball bungee cords, ropes, bar braces and tie-downs to secure your canopy tops, side tarps and poly tarp enclosures. Choose the color, size and style to fit your budget. With hundreds of uses, ranging from painter's tarps to car and boat enclosures, tarps are go-to essentials for home, entertainment sector, business and industry use. With our negotiated discounts, you can afford the best quality.


Long-term customers at our 30-year-old American company include campers, hunting and sports enthusiasts, outdoor markets, boat companies, construction sites, farms and outdoors event planners. Canopy tops and full canopy enclosures are the inexpensive, versatile alternative to brick-and-mortar buildings. Today's canopies are easy to set up and take down. They are used as carports, party tents, outside storage structures and equipment covers. Homeowners don't have to call in construction crews to create extra space outside to protect vehicles, garden supplies or tools with our UV-resistant, waterproof canopy tarps. Campers attach their tarps to trees with our sturdy ropes. Bar braces will help keep your canopy frame in place. Ratchet tie-downs are used to secure the top frame of the canopy to the legs and secure the legs to cement blocks. Our in-house experts can help you choose the right tarp or tarp accessory for your project. We have heavy-duty tape to repair old tarps, too.

Other accessories we carry include tent stakes and collapsible camping chairs. Our hurricane response supplies range from gloves and raingear to traffic cones, emergency shelter canopies and tarps to protect damaged roofs and walls while awaiting repairs. We can transform an ordinary canopy top to outside space for entertaining with our attachable poly tarp side walls with or without windows. We also have economical firewood covers and construction site safety fencing.


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