Desert Poly Tarps
(12 Mil)

A heavy-duty desert tan poly tarp can help combat a wide variety of outdoor jobs. The subtle, natural-looking desert tan is a scaled down, less harsh version of the standard blue, helping keep all of your outdoor storage looking clean and professional.

A sturdy tarp has many valuable uses. Tan tarps are the perfect color to use around the home without adding the garish pop of blue that many standard tarps come in. These high quality desert tan tarps are made from polyethylene materials with a 14 x 14 mesh count. The material is 12 mil thick for ultimate durability. When you need lasting protection for long term use, these heavy duty tarps are the perfect answer.

These premium tan tarps are available in a wide range of sizes, from 5' x 7' to 40' x 60'. Please keep in mind when ordering that the finished tarp will be four to six inches smaller than the fabric size. Plan accordingly and order a tarp that's larger rather than smaller than your needs when possible to ensure that you have adequate coverage.

The smallest of these tarps is an affordable addition to any home maintenance kit that will provide you with quick protection for your belongings any time you need it. Whether you're keeping your furniture dry while dealing with a leak in the roof, or protecting your garden in a sudden storm, the right tarp is an invaluable tool that you'll end up using again and again.
Tan tarps can be used for applications ranging from boat, RV and pool covers to camping, hunting and building. Desert camouflage tarps also make great woodpile covers, furniture covers and car canopies thanks to their breath-ability, UV protective properties and tear-resistant makeup.

Fabricated from 6-ounce, 12-millimeter thick polyethylene, our three-ply tan poly tarps are built to be incredibly durable and manageable at once. The 14 x 14 mesh count and 1,200 denier count means that each tarp is fully waterproof yet breathable, protecting against mildew, acid and mold accumulation. Whatís more, our UV-treated tan tarps provide an extra layer of protection against harmful sunlight, shielding your most valuable items from fading and cracking in the summer heat. These all-weather tarps are also specially designed to function at peak performance during freezing and snowing conditions, with arctic flexibility keeping them in action year-round.

Every tan colored tarp features rope reinforced edges and offers 18-inch grommet spacing for premium functionality. The three-ply, tear resistant material promises to deliver years of high-functioning usage through any tough job or weather system, so you can rest assured that youíre making a sound investment. Here at A1 Tarps, we stock our warehouse and virtual shelves with top-quality tarps and canopies in every size imaginable, so if you donít see the dimensions youíre looking for, check back soon to see what we have to offer. Our affordable tan tarps start at incredibly low prices, so you donít need to worry about breaking the bank when shopping for high-quality tarps.

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