Super Heavy-Duty Tarps

Super heavy duty tarps contain an extra thick layer of UV laminate to help reduce degradation from prolonged sun exposure. Each of our heavy duty tarps contain grommets spaced approximately every 18 inches apart with rope reinforced hemmed edges and corner guards. Offered in Silver, White and Silver/Brown, our super heavy duty tarps are all purpose covers that can be used in any number of application types.

Super heavy duty tarps are specially designed for long-term use. These tarps won't break down or show signs of wear and tear as time goes by. They're meant to give you the protection that you need in all kinds of weather for a long period of time. Each super heavy duty tarp is constructed from 12 mil-thick polyethylene with a 14 x 14 mesh count. The three ply material is made to stand up to even the harshest of weather conditions. Whether your environment is cold and wet or hot and dry, this heavy duty poly tarp is made to handle whatever Mother Nature can throw at it.

The polyethylene material these tarps are made from has advanced UV resistance that will stand up to long term sun exposure. Even in the winter when the last thing on your mind is the heat of the sun, UV exposure can wear away at the fabric of your tarp. These super heavy duty tarps are built to last year-round under these conditions. The heavy duty tarp material is also waterproof, mildew resistant, and super tear resistant. The edges are reinforced with rope and each corner features a sturdy corner guard. These precautions ensure that the fabric won't fray along the sides and the corners will always stay strong. Finally, grommets are placed at 18-inch intervals for your convenience.

These heavy duty waterproof tarps come in a variety of sizes ranging from the very small at 5 feet x 7 feet to the very large at 60 feet x 100 feet. Keep in mind that the finished size of the tarp will be four to six inches less than the cut size. They can be purchased in either silver or white so you can select the best color for your needs. A heavy duty tarp can be perfect for a variety of different uses. Some popular uses include:

Covering vehicles in long term storage
Covering trailers, boats or other goods during transport
Offering added protection to a tent, shed or other outdoor structure
Covering a damaged roof
Keeping yard furniture and other outdoor features safe in winter
Protecting a woodpile
Covering unused furniture in a vacation or guest house to protect from dust and sun damage

Having the right tarp can make all the difference. When you're serious about keeping your items safe, rely on these super heavy duty tarps that offer twice the UV resistance of other tarps. They're truly built to last, so you don't have to worry about getting new tarps next year, or peeling away the covering to find your items have been damaged any way. Get smart about protecting valuable belongings with a durable, heavy duty poly tarp.
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