Super Heavy-Duty Tarps

If you're looking for a multipurpose tarp, allow us to recommend one of our dual color super-heavy-duty tarps, like this collection in silver and brown. Like all of our super-heavy-duty tarps, you'll find our silver/brown tarps in a range of sizes from 6' x 8' to 100' x 100' to suit a variety of needs.

These tarps in particular have been treated with an additional UV-laminated coat, which means they'll protect whatever you have underneath even better than even other high quality tarps. It also means you can choose a side on this polyethylene tarp to either coordinate or contrast with its surroundings. And because these tarps are also mildew- and acid-resistant, you can leave them outdoors for long periods of time. They also have so-called "Arctic flexibility," which means they can stand up to even the worst winter storms.
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