Baseball Field Tarps

A rain-soaked baseball or softball diamond can have negative effects in a variety of ways. Injuries to athletes can occur due to slippery conditions. Second, field maintenance budgets will take a hit if water-logged turf or infield dirt needs to be replaced. Finally, teams that use the field will not be able to play their games when the field is unusable. One solution available to avoid these problems is investing in a field cover at A1 Tarps. Our baseball and softball field tarps are designed for rapid deployment and they are very durable, waterproof and UV and mildew resistant.

These tarps are made from silver/white polyethylene material rated at 1200 denier. Naturally, the tarps have been designed in the shape of a diamond and once added and secured as the rain begins to fall, the field’s infield dirt will remain dry. Our field tarp prices are much lower than list price and any money set aside in your field maintenance budget for the purchase of a field cover will be recouped because your field will see much more use.

Please Note: **Baseball/Softball Field Tarps are made to order and take up to 7-10 business days before shipping. Please Read Our Custom Tarp Policy Before Ordering **.

Softball/Baseball Field Tarps - Each cover is Fabricated Using 6 Oz, 12 Mil Thick

Silver/White Polyethylene Materials And Contain A 14x14 Mesh Count.

  • Strong Web Loop Handles Every 15', Grommets Every 10'
  • Super Tear Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • UV Resistant
  • Mildew Resistant
  • 1200 Denier
  • 3 Ply Poly Material
  • Acid Resistant
  • Washable
  • Designed For Rapid Deployment 
90' x 90' Baseball/Softball Athletic Field Cover
List Price: $3,098.00
Our Price: $1,914.29
120' x 120' Baseball/Softball Athletic Field Cover
List Price: $5,399.98
Our Price: $3,221.43
160' x 160' Baseball/Softball Athletic Field Cover
List Price: $9,599.98
Our Price: $5,014.29
170' x 170' Baseball/Softball Athletic Field Cover
List Price: $10,839.99
Our Price: $5,660.00

Has a baseball or softball practice or game ever been rescheduled because of rain or a muddy field? Such an occurrence throws a team's schedule a few days or even weeks off track. Rather than deal with such inconveniences, quickly roll out one of the heavy-duty baseball or softball field covers from A1 Tarps.

Designed in the shape of the diamond, each polyethylene cover acts as protection for the ground. Once added and secured when rain starts to fall, the heavy-duty covering keeps the field's dirt dry. Although this game or practice is canceled, your teammates can be out there playing the next day.

For preventing delays and making sure your school, college, or professional level team resumes its hectic schedule, order one of our softball or baseball field covers. To get the right level of protection, choose from four diamond-shaped covers in our store.
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