Silver and White Poly Tarps (12 Mil)

Made especially for urban environments, our silver/white polyethylene tarps are less of an eyesore than traditional bright blue tarps and are made from durable materials that can withstand any job.

Please Note: ** Silver/White Tarps are made to order and take up to 7-10 business days before shipping **.

Silver / White Tarp 06' x 08'
List Price: $27.60
Our Price: $16.25
Silver / White Tarp 10' x 12'
List Price: $69.00
Our Price: $40.62
Silver / White Tarp 10' x 20'
List Price: $115.00
Our Price: $67.70
Silver / White Tarp 12' x 20'
List Price: $138.00
Our Price: $81.24
Silver / White Tarp 12' x 24'
List Price: $165.60
Our Price: $97.49
Silver / White Tarp 16' x 20'
List Price: $184.00
Our Price: $108.32
Silver / White Tarp 20' x 20'
List Price: $230.00
Our Price: $135.40
Silver / White Tarp 20' x 30'
List Price: $345.00
Our Price: $203.10
Silver / White Tarp 30' x 30'
List Price: $517.52
Our Price: $304.66
Silver / White Tarp 40' x 40'
List Price: $920.00
Our Price: $541.60
Silver / White Tarp 50' x 50'
List Price: $1,437.54
Our Price: $846.28
Silver / White Tarp 100' x 100'
List Price: $5,750.14
Our Price: $3,385.11

Silver/white heavy-duty tarps are a beautiful solution for protecting your belongings without resorting to grungy looking tarps or those with bright colors that stand out too much. This simple, clean color combination is easy to fit into any environment, particularly in an urban setting. Cover your balcony furniture with a silver/grey tarp and it will blend right into the building of your downtown loft. Use these tarps to cover projects that are in progress in the office and you can keep the workspace looking clean at all times. Silver/grey tarps are also an unassuming solution on the floor. Use them to protect new flooring while you have workmen coming in and out, or to keep dust and debris contained while working on a special project.

Heavy-duty tarps like these are the perfect solution for fast, simple protection with a clean look. Keep a few on hand at all times and you'll never be faced with an unexpected and potentially disastrous situation. Leaks, damage, debris, and more can be covered and managed with the right tarp. These tarps are made in a wide range of sizes from 6' x 8' to 100' x 100'. Each silver/white heavy-duty tarp is made to order. It may take up to seven business days between the time you place your order and the date your order is shipped. Plan accordingly so you're prepared. With these tarps, you'll get all the protection you need and then some.

Ideal for covering your balcony furniture, grill or patio during harsh weather and the cold winter months, these white and silver tarps come in a wide variety of sizes, small and large, to help protect any sized investment. These two-sided tarps feature an all-silver top side, while the underside offers a white interior with a silver border.

Because of their double-sided appeal, each high-quality poly tarp is equipped for a wide variety of unique applications. The white side can be used for applications like roofing, camping and covering cars, boats, RVs and woodpiles, while the silver side’s unique ability to reflect light makes it perfect for uses including landscaping and gardening. These silver/white all-weather tarps are designed to withstand the elements from season to season and are both UV resistant and treated for superior arctic flexibility.

Made from durable 7-ounce, 12-millimeter material, these sleek tarps offer a reinforced 14 x 14 mesh count that is built to resist tearing, fraying and stretching. The acid and mildew resistant three-ply material also features rope reinforced edges and 24-inch grommet spacing to give you total coverage and control. The polyethylene material is specially designed to be fully waterproof while also letting a small amount of fresh air and light to pass through, keeping all of your most important assets fully shielded against the elements. Browse our entire inventory of white and silver poly tarps to find a size that perfectly fits your needs.

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