Shade Tarps

Shade tarps offer a cheap and easy way to make sure you always stay cool. At A1 Tarps, we offer a wide variety of tarps that are designed to be tied up quickly and easily to create a cooler atmosphere. From triangle tarps to breathable mesh tarps, our many shade tarps give you plenty of options for making your own personal oasis on a hot day. They are useful for camping, sitting out on a deck, watching outdoor sporting events and a number of other activities. You may even use them to ensure that sensitive plants receive the proper amount of sunlight each day.

Our shade tarps have built-in grommets, which make them exceptionally easy to tie up anywhere you like, from out by the pool to out in the woods. Though you can use string or hooks, we suggest using elastic bungee ties for a secure hold and the fastest setup. Whether you use your shade tent as a portable accessory or keep it installed somewhere year-round, our bungee ties are the best way to ensure stability.

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