Red Poly Tarps
(12 Mil)

Colored with one of the most versatile shades in the rainbow, our red tarps can be used for hundreds of unique jobs. From yard sales to sports games to covering your boats, cars and RVs, red tarps can add a bit of personality, color and high-visibility to otherwise mundane jobs. The red tarps for sale on our site are available in several sizes, so you can find exactly the right tarp to fit your needs.

Poly tarps are available in a variety of colors, including red. While some colors may have a particular purpose for outdoor use, such as silver being reflective and providing maximum shade, or camo and green enabling disguise in the great outdoors, some colors are simply chosen based on personal preference. Customers generally choose red for a number of reasons, whether it's because they like the color, its quality of standing out, or for a special occasions ranging from Christmas to Valentine's to Fourth of July celebrations. Like an orange or yellow tarp, a red poly tarp is selected for its high visibility and heavy duty durability. Ideal applications include for red tarpaulins include canopy covers, emergency shelters, construction zones, special events, flea markets, and much more.

All red poly tarps for sale at A1 Tarps are fabricated with top-grade 6-ounce, 12-mil polyethylene material and offer a tear-resistant, three-ply construction that is made to endure demanding projects.

Because of the heavy-duty, polyethylene material that's suited for all weather conditions, these colored outdoor tarps can be used for large-scale jobs like covering building materials and hauling wide loads. They're also ideal for Fourth of July celebrations and sports games thanks to their super festive, bright red coloring. The 14 x 14, 1,200 denier mesh count provides added airflow to help resist mildew and acid buildup, while the reinforced corner guards will help sustain long-term wear and tear. With this kind of construction, these red tarps can be used year after year for all of your outdoor events.

Each red tarpaulin is completely waterproof and UV resistant, meaning that it's coated with an extra layer that shields harmful UV rays from penetrating the surface. Suited for every weather environment imaginable, these high-quality tarps are also equipped with high arctic flexibility, so they'll maintain optimum performance throughout freezing and sub-zero temperatures. What's more, our red poly tarps feature 18-inch grommet spacing for easy application and security.

Here at A1 Tarps, we're committed to delivering top-grade tarps and canopies for a great price. All of our poly tarps come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, giving you hundreds of options in all to choose from. Whatever your unique needs, our selection of red waterproof tarps in every size imaginable will help you keep all your best investments in their best shape.
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