Product Care

While A1 Tarps is known for our durable products, it's still important for customers to take good care of their purchase. With proper care and attention, your tarps can easily last for years. Though certain tarps may require special treatment or materials in order to repair, these basic tips apply to nearly any tarp available from A1 Tarps:

Cleaning: Tarps should be regularly cleaned to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. Most tarps can be easily hosed off with water or placed in a large tub for manual scrubbing. Use spot cleaners approved for the tarp material for stubborn messes and stain removal.

Storage: Before storing, tarps must be completely dried. Hang your tarp over a clothesline, fence or railing to ensure dryness prior to folding. Tarps should be folded carefully and stored in a dry location.

Repair: Tarp repair tape (not duct tape) should be used for minor tarp tears. For more serious rips, consider purchasing a tarp repair kit that contains an adhesive solution with glue or cement.

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