Privacy Fence Construction Tarps

Privacy fence tarps do just that — and more. In fact, though their name implies privacy, which they do provide, their most popular use is in construction, especially adjoining city streets and sidewalks. That’s because these tarps can line the edge of a construction site to help prevent the spread of blowing dust and dirt particles onto adjacent streets and sidewalks.

Similar to mesh tarps, privacy fence tarps can do all that mesh tarps can do. Both are made of polypropylene and give shade and full protection from the sun’s glaring UV rays. A privacy fence tarp is stronger than a mesh tarp, however, and offers 80 percent shade.

A1 Tarps’ privacy fence tarps come in 50 foot sections. You can choose from fences that are 6 or 8 feet tall. Often, they line the edges of construction sites, not only to contain dust and dirt but also to discourage the public from coming onto the work site. These fence tarps also may be used for residential and commercial privacy, however, and they frequently border parking lots and property lines.

A1 Tarps stocks privacy fence tarps in five colors: black, brown, tan, green and blue. Made of heavy duty, 12-ounce, 6-mil polypropylene material that is tear resistant, mildew resistant and acid resistant, these fence tarps include heavy duty aluminum grommets every 12 inches. Quality construction is evident in their rope reinforced edges and hemmed edges. Despite their strength and durability, these fences remain flexible even in Arctic temperatures.

Weather resistant and breathable, these privacy fence tarps offer 87 percent privacy protection to keep out prying eyes. To better protect your privacy, or for any residential, commercial or construction site purpose, get in touch with A1 Tarps’ professional staff to find exactly the right tarp to suit your needs. You’ll find that our more than 30 years of experience in the business ensure that you will not only get an affordable tarp but a quality one that fits your requirements exactly.

Heavy-Duty Fence Mesh Tarps - High-Density Polypropylene, 6 oz. Per Square Yrd. - 87% Shade Mesh

♦Grommets Approx. Every 24 Inches   ♦Hemmed Edges
♦87% Visibility Block   ♦Rot Proof & Mildew Resistant
♦Heavy Duty Polypropylene Material ♦Arctic Flexibility
♦Heavy Duty Brass Grommets ♦Acid Resistant 
♦Tear Resistant ♦Multiple Color Options

* Finish size of all tarps is 4"- 8" less than actual cut size *

Dust and dirt particles need to be kept enclosed in a construction site, especially a construction site directly against the sidewalk. A privacy fence tarp can be used in this case, and privacy fence tarps can line the edge of a construction site. Our privacy fence tarps are six feet tall and fifty feet wide tall enough to line a wall to protect pedestrians and long enough to wrap around a portion of a construction site. These privacy tarps are similar to mesh tarps, as both are made from polypropylene and provide a combination of shade and UV protection. A privacy fence tarp is a stronger version of mesh tarps, with a heavy duty polypropylene composition offering 80-percent shade. While these tarps could be used in any manner similar to mesh tarps, they are specifically used as fence tarps for construction, residential, and commercial privacy.

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