Poly Tarps

Versatile, tough and inexpensive, the heavy-duty poly tarps available from A1 Tarps can handle just about any type of weather and any project you can imagine. These tough tarps can help you out in dozens of areas including storage, gardening, camping and sports. They're lightweight but rugged and easy to pack along on road trips, camping trips or just about anywhere else. We have them in sizes suitable to cover and protect everything from a bicycle to an RV or boat. They can cover loads hauled in a truck or people looking for shelter from the sun, rain or wind.

Made of three-ply polyethylene material, these tarps can stand up to the elements. We carry these tarps in many thicknesses, sizes and colors so you can find exactly the right tarp to suit your purpose.

Our 8-mil camo poly tarps, for instance, are perfect for camping, hunting or other outdoors uses. These tarps are lightweight but rugged and will blend into the background. Our 12-mil poly tarps are tough and come in bright, highly visible colors such as orange, red and yellow so you can find them easily. They're also available in understated colors, making them ideal for urban use where you want a tarp that's as good looking as it is tough. UV resistant and designed to stay flexible even in arctic conditions, these tarps are perfect for protecting patio furniture. Our 12-mil tarps are ideal for other uses, such as covering RVs and other vehicles.

The 14-mil clear UV tarps available from A1 Tarps are extra thick, providing superior ruggedness. They're ideal for greenhouses because they allow light to come through to your plants while shielding them from cold weather and allowing you to control the amount of moisture they receive.
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