Party Tents

Party Tents

Host outdoor events in comfort and style by using a party tent from A1 Tarps. Our party canopy tents range from colorful to classic and casual to luxurious. You can choose an open air party tent to provide shade for food and gifts or use an enclosed party canopy where your guests can enjoy your party from the comfort of a shelter. Luxury party canopies have windows that are sewn into the sidewalls to let light in but keep harmful UV rays out and the main cover and doors on these party canopies meet CPAI-84 fire retardant standards. In addition to providing shelter when dining outdoors, these luxury tents can be used as the check-in point at an event or as the site where food is served. As a shelter for food service, guests would get their food and plates in the shelter and take their plates to picnic tables around the shelter. If you are hosting a child's birthday party or more informal get together, a luxury party canopy may not be necessary. Instead, you can opt of a colorful party canopy that provides quick shade for food and drinks with the idea that most of the activities will be held in the grassy areas of a park or pool side at a swimming pool. Regardless of the party canopy selected, all are easy to set up and tear down. All of these tents have steel frames and polyester canopies, making them easy to transport. Note that many of these party canopies can be attached together, so if you have two 14 x 27-foot luxury party canopies for example, you can attach them to make one huge party tent. These party canopies are ideal for outdoor entertaining.
"Providing shade is only one benefit of using a tent from A1 Tarps. If you are hosting a larger outdoor function, a luxury tent can serve as the central meeting point or check-in kiosk. If you are serving food at your outdoor function, a luxury tent can be used for the location of the food allowing for your guests to get their plates in an enclosed environment before taking their seats at surrounding picnic tables. These affordable tents will allow you to avoid the hassle of rental tarps or trying to find outdoor tents at the last minute. Our tents can be set up and torn down quickly as these tents consist of a steel frame and a polyester canopy. Tents of various sizes are available and many of the party tents at A1 Tarps can be attached together to create a very large shade structure.

Party tents are temporary outdoor structures that can be used for events ranging from a wedding to a flea market to a beach party. In all situations, a party tent canopy provides additional shade and acts as a center point for all guests at the event. As these outdoor canopy tents are temporary, they are easy to set up and can have other additions added to them, such as side walls, lighting, or mosquito nets.

Most party canopy tents consist of a steel frame and a polyester canopy. For an event lasting a day, this provides enough shade for guests. Party canopy tents can be ordered for any size event, as we carry party tent canopies that range from ten by ten feet to 14 by 32 feet. In the case you need more shelter for your guests, many of these party tent canopies can be attached together to create a large size structure for shade.

Party tent canopies are often referred to by other names like EZ up canopy, first up canopy tent, folding canopy, pop up canopy, pick up canopy, and instant canopy. All of these names are appropriate for a party tent canopy, as the structure can be set up and taken down quickly, which is crucial for many outdoor uses. While a wedding or party tent canopy may be used at a wedding or other event to provide shade to guests, it can also be used in case of rain, especially for protecting your items at an outdoor market. A party tent or pop up canopy can be stored in the back of your car, and, in case of rain, the frame and polyester canopy can be set up quickly. However, if your outdoor event is held in a parking lot or anywhere on a hard surface, a party tent will need sandbags to hold it down.

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