Orange Poly Tarps
(12 Mil)

"Our orange tarps are fashioned with the same high-quality materials and all weather treatments as all of our other top-quality poly tarps. However, our orange tarps also feature high visibility levels, which makes them extremely versatile.


Orange is often a color associated with strong visibility, so an orange tarp is an ideal heavy duty polyethylene tarp that can be used outside when you need to be noticed right away. While orange poly tarps provide the same type of heavy duty coverage as silver and white polyethylene tarps, the eye-catching color adds an additional element of increased visual awareness. Situations where orange tarps may be most useful include road construction, ground cover, canopy covers for holiday events such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, and much more.

The bright orange coloring means these tarps are perfect for emergency situations or scenarios where you need everyone in the vicinity to take precautions. This unique quality makes these bright orange tarps absolutely ideal as truck tarps and traffic signaling devices. If you're carrying a heavy load and need fellow motorists to steer clear, these orange poly tarps can be an effective safety enhancing measure.

Thanks to the remarkably durable 12-mil thickness of the 6-ounce polyethylene, these industrial tarps can be used for just about any outdoor application, including covering your boats, RVs, trailers and other vehicles. An orange tarp is also a great choice for blanketing hazardous materials and dangerous building supplies on jobsites because it can double as a warning method. The super strong three-ply material offers a tear-resistant 1,200 denier count, meaning it won't fray, tear or rip while in action. These waterproof orange tarps also feature added UV protection to safeguard your goods against harsh sun rays. They also have arctic flexibility for fully functional usage in the cold-weather months.

With every size imaginable represented in our selection, you're sure to find a top-quality orange poly tarp that suits your unique job. Each tarp's 18-inch grommet spacing is designed to help you secure the material over any sized object, allowing for full protection even in high winds. Our orange poly tarps are also designed to be remarkably breathable and contain a 14 x 14 mesh count material that lets a small amount of air to pass through. As a result of this, these industrial tarps are mildew resistant and acid resistant to help protect your best investments."

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