Insulated Tarps

A1 Tarps supplies vinyl insulated tarp covers for customers who want to give the utmost protection to possessions, machinery, equipment, supplies or materials. Like A1 Tarps' standard vinyl tarps, our 10-ounce, 8-mil insulated vinyl tarps are your best bet for keeping all of your valuables safe and bone dry. These thermal tarps can serve as insulated construction tarps for even the toughest jobs on outdoors construction sites and in the most demanding industrial environment. The tough vinyl hide of these insulated tarps can stand up to tears, abrasions, chemical spills and oil.

Please Note: ** Insulated Tarps are made to order and take up to 15-20 business days to craft before shipping. Please read our Custom Tarp Policy before ordering **

3' x 12' Vinyl Insulated Tarp 10 Oz.
List Price: $160.00
Our Price: $85.00
3' x 25' Vinyl Insulated Tarp 10 Oz.
List Price: $330.00
Our Price: $174.99
6' x 25' Vinyl Insulated Tarp 10 Oz.
List Price: $550.00
Our Price: $315.00
12' x 20' Vinyl Insulated Tarp 10 Oz.
List Price: $880.00
Our Price: $504.00
12' x 25' Vinyl Insulated Tarp 10 Oz.
List Price: $1,100.00
Our Price: $572.99

Vinyl insulated tarps are ideal for working in cold outdoor conditions to protect equipment or supplies. Thermal insulated tarps protect whatever they cover, not only from frigid temperatures, but also from wind and rain. Each vinyl insulated cover features a 1/4 inch foam center that lends warmth and protection to your investments. The corner grommets, D-rings and internal snaps on these construction tarps let you attach them quickly and easily. Tear resistant and abrasion resistant, they also resist salt, chemicals, rot and mildew.

A1 Tarps offers these tough tarps in a variety of sizes ranging from the 3 by 12 foot insulated vinyl tarp to the 12 by 25 foot vinyl insulated tarp. Besides protecting products and possessions from extreme cold, these durable tarps also can serve as concrete curing blankets and kiln covers. Additionally, they can do double duty insulating walls and windows, and offer cushioning for covering the ground.

Sturdy, reliable and durable, A1 Tarps' insulated tarp covers can give you peace of even on the coldest days and during the worst kinds of weather. You'll find that A1 Tarps' insulated tarp covers can keep your projects going strong. If you have questions about ordering our tough vinyl tarps, give our professional staff a call or send us an email.

How do you meet the needs of investments, supplies, or materials requiring both high-quality coverage and insulation? Go with an insulated vinyl construction tarp from A1 Tarps.

Like our standard vinyl tarps, these 10-ounce, 8-mil covers keep the investments they shield dry and free from mildew- and UV-related damages. Meeting the demands of construction and industrial environments, the tarp material withstands tears, abrasions, chemical spill and oil.

To adequately cope with insulation needs for supplies stored in frigid outdoor climates, each coated vinyl cover comes equipped with a ¼-inch foam center to fully protect your investments and essentials. D-rings and snaps allow for quick and easy attachment of these insulated tarps.
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