Greenhouse Canopies

Don't let less than ideal weather conditions ruin your gardening projects. Instead, use a greenhouse canopy from A1 Tarps. Our greenhouse tents are available in various sizes and provide a perfect home for your plants and flowers. As residents in Northern climates are aware, spring planting can be a tricky task because of the threat of a late freeze. If, for example, you have purchased plants and flowers at a local farmer's market with the intention of planting them in your garden only to find out that a freeze warning is forecast, you would be forced to leave the plants in your kitchen or heated garage until the potential of a freeze ended. The greenhouse canopy is a better option as you would be able to store your plants in a safe environment outside until you are ready to plant them in the garden. These canopies are constructed using a durable translucent polyurethane that is waterproof and UV-treated inside and out. This cover provides enhanced illumination that is designed for plant growth and protection. These greenhouse canopies have roll-up doors that can easily be opened and closed and these structures are strong enough to withstand high winds and heavy snow. The greenhouse roofs are designed at an angle to prevent snow buildup and water collection and all of the parts needed for successful building and installation come with the tent, including the steel frame, bungee cords and ratchet tie downs. The easy setup of these greenhouse canopies also makes them very portable. This allows you to move the greenhouse in your backyard to an area that you feel is best suited for plant growth as well as being the easiest to access from your home.
6' X 8' X 6'6" Greenhouse
List Price: $459.98
Our Price: $229.99
6' x 8' x 6' 6" Greenhouse Kit in a Box
List Price: $459.99
Our Price: $229.99
10' X 20' X 8' Greenhouse
List Price: $799.98
Our Price: $399.99
One of the many great features about our greenhouses is their construction from polyurethane. This material allows for the size of the greenhouse to be expanded when the need arises for more space for plants. You can buy greenhouse canopies that have straight six-foot walls and a 45-degree angle pitched roof, ideal for preventing rain and snow from pooling on the rooftop, or a canopy that has the form of a dome.

The greenhouse tarps are a translucent polyethylene and these structures have doors on both sides of the canopy with one zipper door and one roll-up door. As with many of our canopies, you can choose from several sizes depending on your gardening needs. The greenhouse canopy kit includes all of the products needed for a successful installation including the steel frame, bungee cords and ratchet tie-downs.

Similar to a shed in the backyard, a greenhouse can also be made from a canopy which, like any canopy structure, can be expanded over time when your plants need more space. Our greenhouse canopy kits are the perfect garden canopy, with a steel frame and a translucent polyethylene canopy. These greenhouse canopy kits come in one size of twelve by twelve by eight feet and can accommodate plants of many sizes. Each greenhouse canopy has straight six-foot walls and a pitched roof at a 45-degree angle. Doors are on both sides of the greenhouse canopy, with one zipper door and one roll-up door. These garden canopies can be installed in your backyard like any canopy and, like our durable canopy structures, can withstand both high winds and heavy snow.

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