Green Poly Tarps
(12 Mil)

If you’re wondering what type of tarp to use to cover boats, trailers, vehicles and any other high-value item, these green polyethylene tarps are your answer. Well-equipped for keeping all your biggest investments in tip-top shape, these high-quality green poly tarps are multipurpose and endlessly functional.

A green tarp is another type of heavy duty poly tarp. Like any other polyethylene tarp, a green tarp can be used for many outdoor protection purposes, including long term equipment protection, as a baseball field tarp, and as a boat or RV cover. The green color of this tarp helps it blend in with its outdoor surroundings easier than a white or silver poly tarp. Like any poly tarp, these green tarps have a 14 by 14 denier count and a thickness of 12 mil.

A green tarp would be ideal as a camping tarp, as it would blend in with its surrounding better than most other poly tarp colors. However, poly tarps are often better investments for long term protection uses, including being used as a boat tarp or an RV tarp and protecting farm equipment and hay. As a hay tarp, a green tarp could protect a season's worth of hay from rot. While these green poly tarps are rot resistant, a green poly tarp is also UV resistant, which is mostly helpful when being used as a boat or RV tarp. A poly tarp can keep out moisture by being a breathable material, and this prevents mold and mildew from forming on your investment, whether you are using a polyethylene tarp to protect hay from rot or using a poly green tarp to protect your RV or boat during winter when not in use.

Fabricated using the best 6-ounce, 12-millimeter polyethylene available, our green hay tarps blend superior protection with just the right amount of air flow to ensure that your boats, trailers, RVs and automobiles remain mildew-free, acid-free and completely shielded against rain, snow and harsh sunlight.

The three-ply, 1,200 denier count poly contains a 14 x 14 mesh count that offers complete waterproofing protection that also lets a small amount of air and sunlight to pass through to help keep all your outdoor storage items fresh and dry. The reinforced corner guards and toughened grommets mean years of usage on the hardiest of jobs. These green tarps can be trusted to maintain their quality and shape through every season because they’re UV treated to protect your goods against damaging sun rays and also feature a specialized treatment that keeps them fully functional in cold, freezing temperatures.

In addition to large-scale jobs like covering boats and automobiles, these poly green tarps can be used for a wide range of smaller applications, including covering your outdoor grill, woodpile and patio furniture. The 18-inch grommet spacing allows you to secure the tarp over any shape or size item, fully securing it against harsh winds, rain and snow. They’re also well-equipped to handle camping, hunting and other outdoor sports thanks to their all-weather appeal and tough, durable construction. Choose from a wide variety of sizes to get a perfectly secure fit for any job.
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