Fire Retardant Tarps

Our selection of fire retardant tarps are certified under the California State Fire Marshal and go through a very strict two-part testing process. The first part is conducting with an independent testing agency. Finally, they are tested by the California State Fire Marshal's office. Our selection of fire retardant tarps is available in silver, white or clear, and includes the California State Fire Marshal tag permanently affixed to the side of the tarp. Regardless of the color that you choose, you can be assured that each fireproof tarp in our fire retardant collection is made with waterproof heavy-duty polyethylene. The white and silver polyethylene fireproof tarps are similar to non-fire retardant polyethylene tarps in that they have a 14 by 12 mesh count and 12 mil thickness. These fire retardant tarps can be used for any application that requires a poly tarp which is basically anything that needs protection from water but still needs air circulation.

Our fire-resistant tarps can be used for blaze containment, particularly with tent structures. In addition, these tarps can protect against static electricity as well as providing protection for anything the needs to avoid the sun. Tarps used for fire containment purposes are particularly useful during the winter construction season as construction sites in colder climates often use a heating source to keep the workers warm. A heat resistant tarp can be used to protect the workers in the event the heating source was to malfunction and burst into flames. A1 Tarps has flame retardant poly tarps available in a variety of sizes to suit your application needs.

Typically, polyethylene tarps are water and rot resistant, but sometimes a poly tarp needs to have fire retardant properties. All fire retardant tarps come as a silver tarp or white poly tarp and have all the same properties of any polyethylene tarp including durability in outdoor environments. All fire retardant tarps are manufactured like an ordinary polyethylene tarp, with a 14 by 12 denier count and 12 mil thickness, and can be used for any application requiring a poly tarp. These applications can include construction projects, building shelters, use as a truck or baseball tarp, or as a cover offering protection from water. These wholesale tarps are able to provide ample coverage while also allowing air circulation.

In addition to all of the typical uses for a poly tarp, a fire retardant tarp is used for containment purposes, particularly with tent structures. It is also used to protect against static electricity and for shading any object needing protection from the sun. Containment is particularly important for construction tarps. A fire retardant tarp is used for outdoor winter construction work for which a fireproof tarp is the right solution for containing heat without bursting into flames. These tarps can contain and focus heat from forced air heaters to ensure the workers will be kept warm on the job. Other uses for fireproof tarps include use as a fire retardant camping tarp. While tarps can be brought along to set up a tarp shelter in case of rain, if a fire needs to be made at a campsite, the surrounding tarps shouldn't be a fire risk. Fire retardant tarps are commonly used by the military for this reason.

Fire retardant poly tarps typically meet the most stringent fire standards, which in this case are the California State Fire Marshall certification standards. All silver and white fire retardant poly tarps sold through our store meet these standards and also have the following certifications: NFPA 701, CPAI 84-7, and California Title 19. All fire retardant tarps need to go through a two-part testing process before being certified for any fire standards.
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