Fire Retardant Canopies

Residents living in fire-prone areas have probably seen the damaging effects of wild fires up close and know the value of a good fire retardant shelter. Southern California-based A1 Tarps has a selection of high quality fire retardant canopies in assorted sizes that will allow to you have extra protection during fire season. One of the big concerns during a forest fire is the amount of embers and ash that is manufactured during the fire. While the fire may be contained to a relatively small area, high winds can transport burning embers over a wide area. These embers can damage vehicles that are parked on the street or in a driveway. Parking the vehicle under a fire retardant canopy can help to prevent damage caused by these burning embers. Each A1 Tarps fire retardant canopy is NFPA 701 Certified, CPAI-84 Certified and California Title 19 Certified. While these canopies have fire retardant treatment, they are constructed using the same polyethylene material as other A1 Tarp canopies, making them waterproof and UV resistant. The frames for these canopies are made of powder-coated galvanized steel and are very durable. In addition to providing cover for automobiles and boats, you can use a fire retardant canopy in similar fashion to other canopies, such as providing shade at picnic, barbecues or other outdoor activities. Canopies are available in various roof styles, low or high-inclined for example, and these canopies include all of the fittings that are necessary for successful setup. Canopy tear down is as easy as the setup, making these tents very portable. This portability does not come at the expense of stability however as the fittings, when used correctly, will keep your structure in place during high wind events.
A1 Tarps has fire retardant canopies in stock that have the same form and function as our traditional canopies with the added benefit of being treated with fire retardant properties. Each fire retardant canopy is NFPA 701 certified, CPAI-84 certified and California Title 19 certified. In addition to the fire retardant treatment, these canopies have the same powder-coated or galvanized steel frame and polyethylene canopy that is waterproof and UV and rot resistant that is standard on our ordinary canopy and tent structures. Each flame resistant tent has a flat roof or a low or high incline peaked roof. Uses for fire/heat resistant canopy shelters are similar to how ordinary canopy tents are used; as outdoor party canopies, boat shelters and carport canopies. Fire retardant canopies at A1 Tarps are available in a variety of sizes and all canopies include the frame and fittings needed for construction.

Each fire retardant canopy structure is composed like a carport canopy, with a powder-coated or galvanized steel frame and a polyethylene canopy that is waterproof and rot and UV resistant. The additional treatment these canopies have is being treated to be fire retardant. As fire retardant canopy structures, each canopy is NFPA 701 certified, CPAI-84 certified, and California Title 19 certified. In the case that you expect this canopy structure to be exposed to heat or fire, it meets these certifications as protective fire retardant canopy structure.

Fire retardant canopies come in the same shapes and structures as any ordinary canopy or carport canopy. Each fire retardant canopy has a peaked or flat roof, with peaked roof canopies ranging from a low or high incline. In addition, as these canopies cover a range of uses, including use as a boat canopy, car canopy, and an outdoor party canopy, they come in a number of sizes from ten by ten square feet to twelve by twenty square feet.

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