Discount Tarps

Discount Tarps are the perfect alternative to more expensive covers when only temporary protection is needed. Each economy tarp is waterproof, UV resistant and made for all season, all weather use. Our wholesale tarps are all fabricated using polyethylene materials that are naturally resistant to rot, mold and mildew. These poly tarps also contain built-in grommets spaced every 36 inches apart. Common applications include: temporary roof coverage, wood and debris coverage, car covers, trailer covers and more.

When you need a fast and affordable solution for quick coverage, discount tarps are the way to go. These poly tarps are affordable enough to fit into any budget, so you don't have to scrimp and save for the protection that you need. Though the price is right, you don't have to sacrifice quality with these cheap tarps. Each one is constructed for all weather use. Our discount tarps are waterproof and UV resistant to keep the items they cover safe from harm. Whether you're planning a project on a budget or simply need some weather protection on short notice, discount tarps are the way to go.

While there are a number of different uses for these tarps, you should generally plan on using wholesale tarps as a temporary protection solution. They're perfect for a single project or short-term use. Some ideal situations where these cheap tarps and discount canopy tents can save the day include:

Temporary roof coverage from weather damage
Coverage for a temporary wood pile
Coverage for debris while you finish clearing the area or completing the project
A short term cover for your car while you update your garage
Temporary car coverage for guests' vehicles
Coverage for your trailer while on vacation
Floor or furniture coverage during a painting job
Floor and furniture coverage when you're doing dusty work like assembling new furniture or drilling holes into walls
Protection for items in the back of a pick-up truck or strapped to the roof of the car
Extra protection and padding for furniture when you're moving

It's a good idea to keep some extra discount tarps on hand so they're available whenever you may need them. If you're buying your first home and getting ready to equip the garage with all the essential tools and basic maintenance equipment, you should include a few poly tarps in your kit.

Tarps are also handy if you own a pickup truck. You never know when you'll find a great buy, but discover that it's raining on the way home so your goods are left unsheltered. Keep a cheap tarp in the cab and you'll know that you're always covered.

These tarps are made from polyethylene materials so they're resistant to mold, mildew, and rot. Built-in grommets placed every 36 inches make it easy to secure each tarp with extraordinary flexibility. Available in a range of colors, there's a colored tarp to suit every need. Efficient and affordable, discount tarps are one essential you'll always find a use for.
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