Choosing the Right Tarp

In order to get the right tarp for your needs, you'll first need to learn a few things about various tarp types and features. At A1 Tarps, we offer a large selection of products, so it's important to understand the differences between our many tarp options.
If you're looking to use tarps for a specific purpose, you can often find what you're looking for in our "Shop by Category" section. We offer a number of tarps designed for particular uses, such as firewood covers, pond liners, hay tarps, auto shelters and athletic field tarps. You'll also find pop-up tents, portable garages and other larger products that are great for certain situations and events. Our canopy kits, party tents and carport style tarp systems are available in a huge selection of sizes for residential and commercial purposes. If you're an event planner or a catering company, you'll want to explore our large-scale canopies with peaked roofs. For farmers and car dealers a portable garage might be more your speed. Both of these styles are available in smaller sizes to better serve the needs of homeowners and small businesses.

For those who want tarps with specific features, you'll find plenty of options at A1 Tarps. Our products are made with a variety of materials, so you can search specifically for canvas tarps, vinyl tarps, polyethylene tarps or poly mesh tarps. You can also find tarps with certain features, such as waterproof tarps, tarps with 100 percent UV protection or tarps with grommets.

After deciding how and where you want to use your tarp, choosing the right one should be easy. Be sure to explore our top covers as well as our fully enclosed canopy tents for even more protection. Check out our resources section for more information about tarp types, features and uses. And remember that ordering in bulk means your order will qualify for a bulk discount, saving you more money overall.
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