Canvas Tarps

If you need a versatile, tough covering for your home or business, a made-to-order canvas material tarpaulin can do everything you need it to. Canvas tarps or tarpaulins can be employed for any number of uses. They can serve as shade devices, for keeping a rain-free campsite, while performing various outdoor activities and as a protective covering. Many of our customers have used canvas tarps for trucking to provide cargo control and padding in enclosed haulers. These rot-proof canvas covers are strong enough to protect gear and flexible enough to quickly be switched around or folded up for storage.
High-Quality Cotton Tarps

If you are in the market for heavy-duty, water-resistant canvas tarps, A1 Tarps has the products you need at prices you will love. Our selection of canvas tarpaulins for sale includes 10-ounce and 12-ounce tarps in a variety of colors. These tarps are made with top-quality military cotton and are very durable. All of our tarps also have extremely sturdy grommets for installation. In addition to our heavy-duty tarps, special-strength canvas tarps are also available.

At A1 Tarps, we specialize in crafting affordable tarps that don't skimp on quality. The canvas tarps for sale at A1 Tarps are known for their excellent strength and versatility. They are incredibly resilient and have resistance to water, mildew and UV rays. These properties make them ideal for storage, protection, shading and painting. Our selection of tarps can be used as drop cloths or to cover items stored for extended periods. Several sizes of tarps are available allowing you to choose the perfect size for your needs.

We also have a wide range of available tarp colors, including green, brown, gold, white, blue and olive drab. The canvas material used on these tarps is fabricated with a color dye and a petroleum-based waterproofing wax. Because of this, you should avoid using cotton canvas tarps for boats, cars or any other painted surface as the color can rub off and stain the surface of these products.

It is strongly recommended that excessive pressure is not placed on the grommets. Tarp ties should be of a flexible, elastic material. We advise against using any tarp ties that are ridged, such as rope or wire. We do not accept returns for pulled grommets as a result of misuse.

Check out our Canvas Tarp Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more about these coverings. If you have further questions about our canvas covers, do not hesitate to call us. We offer fast shipping and competitive prices on all orders. Our site also features 128-bit encryption for secure shopping.

Please Note: Canvas Tarps are made to order and take up to 15 to 20 business days before shipping. Please read our custom tarp policy before ordering. Canvas tarps may shrink or stretch over time. They are made of 100% cotton.

Canvas Tarp FAQ:

How are canvas tarps made?

The canvas material is made using military-grade cotton that's combined with color dye and a petroleum-based waterproofing wax. Using cotton canvas tarps for boats, cars or any painted surface is not recommended as the color may rub off and stain the surface.

What are canvas tarps used for?

Canvas tarpaulins have many practical residential and business applications. They are an excellent way to prevent condensation and dust build-up on equipment and supplies in storage. A canvas tarp can be hung up to provide temporary shade outside or to cover tables and fire pits while camping. Since the canvas material is breathable, they can be used as a protective covering for gardens and bushes.

Are canvas tarps waterproof?

Although canvas covers have resistance to water, they are not waterproof. The fabric is treated with a water-repellent agent for temporary use in wet conditions. However, the canvas material does have a saturation point and will leak if left in continual contact with water such as extended rainfall.

Can I use a canvas tarp with my open trailer?

Canvas tarps are not designed to be used as trailer or hauling tarps. Canvas fabric does not have the tear strength to resist strong forces such as wind - especially wind encountered while in transit. It is highly recommended that you use a stronger material such as our 18-ounce vinyl coated tarps.

What about using my canvas tarps to create a canopy?

Canvas tarps should not be used as divider curtains, canopy tops or canopy sidewalls. The material is not strong enough to withstand excessive pulling and tugging on the grommets or on the material itself. For applications that require excessive pulling or for replacement canopy applications, we recommend the vinyl or poly tarp material.

Why does my tarp smell so bad?

Canvas tarps will have a strong petroleum odor when you initially receive them. The odor is due to the water-repellent treatment. Each canvas tarp is coated with a petroleum-based wax that helps deflect water from the surface of the tarp. After a few days of airing, the odor will start to dissipate. The odor is normal and to be expected.

My tarp seems smaller than it used to be. Why is this?

Canvas tarps may shrink or stretch over time. The material is made from 100 percent cotton and contains much of the same characteristics as a cotton T-Shirt. The amount of shrinkage is totally dependent on environmental conditions the tarps are exposed to, such as weather, UV exposure and humidity.

How do I clean my tarp?

Canvas tarp material should not be cleaned with regular household soaps or detergents. Household soap products may remove the water repellent treatment and cause excessive bleeding of the material. Our canvas covers should be cleaned with the appropriate canvas cleaning agents. If you see mold, use two parts water and one part vinegar to remove it.
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