Canopy Tents

A1 Tarps is your source for quality canopy tents, both large and small, that can be installed for a variety of uses. Mini canopy tents are perfect for use at events including swap meets and your child's soccer games as they are very easy to set up and provide ample shade on hot, sunny days. The smallest canopy tents at A1 Tarps are large enough to cover a picnic table or a portable table and chairs while our large canopy tents can be used to provide shade for two vehicles. The canopies are constructed of heavy duty tarp that is waterproof and UV resistant and they rest on steel frames to form a sturdy, stable tent. All of our tents include canopy hardware that includes the poles, fittings and heavy duty ball ties and many of these products do not require tools for assembly. These canopy tents are lightweight for easy mobility yet they are strong enough to withstand the effects of heavy winds. The large numbers of sizes of canopy tents allows you to purchase a tent that is perfect for your needs. You will not need to worry about having a tent that is too big or too small, which is possible when using price as a main consideration when shopping for a canopy tent. For example, some shops may only offer small, medium or large tents with small being too small and medium resulting in wasted space. The various sizes at A1 Tarps allows for a tent that is sized between the small and medium sizes. In addition to the different sizes available, we also have tents with different roof types. Tents with a flat roof are good for use at craft fairs, swap meets and for tailgating while are collection of tents with arched roofs are great for providing long term vehicle or picnic table shade.
10 x10 3/4" Dia. Party Canopy Kit
List Price: $179.00
Our Price: $163.99
10' x 10' 1 3/8" Adventurer Canopy
List Price: $229.00
Our Price: $207.90
10 x 16 3/4" Dia. Flat Swapmeet Canopy Kit
List Price: $249.99
Our Price: $165.00
10 x 16 3/4" Dia. Low-Peak Swapmeet Canopy Kit
List Price: $249.99
Our Price: $165.00
10 x 20 1" Dia. New Outdoorsman Canopy Kit
List Price: $275.00
Our Price: $203.50
10 x 20 1 3/8" Dia. Outdoorsman Canopy Kit
List Price: $399.99
Our Price: $269.50
12 x 14 1-3/8" Dia. Mini Super Canopy Kit
List Price: $365.00
Our Price: $232.00
12 x 20 1-3/8" Dia. Super Canopy Kit
List Price: $405.00
Our Price: $324.99
18 x 20 1-3/8" Dia. Pavilion Canopy Kit
List Price: $590.00
Our Price: $403.99
These canopies do not require tools for set up, making them perfect for swap meet awnings. Swap meet tents have a rectangular canopy and stand almost seven feet high allowing for plenty of room for swap meet vendors and their customers. In addition to flea market canopy kits, A1 Tarps has colorful canopy tents for designed for use when camping as well as canopies geared for use at outdoor parties. All canopies are waterproof and UV resistant and replacement parts are available at A1 Tarps.

A traditional is any structure with a steel frame and overhang designed to protect. A canopy, such as a carport or portable garage canopy, is designed to protect over a long period of time and, as a result, is made of a powder-coated or galvanized steel frame and a heavy-duty polyethylene canopy. Not all canopies need to be for long-term protection, however, and often a lightweight structure canopy is needed to protect against the sun. For temporary protection that is easy to transport, we carry many types of pop up and party canopies. These pop up canopies, sometimes call first up or EZ up canopies, have a lighter steel frame and a polyester canopy and can be taken to almost any occasion, including a beach party, a wedding, or an outdoor market. These types of instant canopies can protect guests against the shade and, especially for a flea market or outdoor market, can protect your goods and materials from being damaged by rain.

All of these canopies are characterized by a steel frame that can come in many sizes and a canopy polyester for lighter structures and heavy-duty polyethylene for long-term structures. The steel frame for lighter, instant canopies is typically a folding canopy steel frame and, as a result, this type of canopy can be set up almost anywhere and can be used as a patio canopy or a wedding tent canopy. More permanent structures like carport canopies are composed of a steel frame in several parts and, as it is long term, won't go up instantly. All structures, in addition, if not on a dirt surface, will need to be held in place by concrete weights or sandbags.

The advantage that canopies have over a permanent structure is the ability to be expanded. While our pop up and party canopies, as well as portable garage and carport canopies, come in a wide range of sizes, a smaller structure can be expanded by the use of a canopy kit to expand its length or width or to add a replacement canopy.

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