Canopy Set Guide

You'll find a wide selection of high-quality canopy tarps when you shop at A1 Tarps. But when it comes to setting it up, you may be wondering how it all works. Fortunately, our canopy tarp sets are incredibly easy to use. Use this quick and handy guide to make your canopy tarp set up quick and painless:

Find an open space: Depending on how big or small your tarp canopy kit setup is, you'll want to have a big open space to work in while you're construction the canopy. Ideally, to save yourself some time and aggravation you will be building you canopy in exactly the place you'd like it to be positioned. Review the measurements of your canopy and compare them to the measurements of the area you have available to ensure your canopy will fit.

Assemble the frame: Your first step will be setting up the frame. Make sure each leg is properly extended. Attach the legs to the roof frame to ascertain the correct spacing. With the frame assembled, you can then use any stakes or ties to keep your canopy frame attached to the ground. Double check that the frame is able to stand alone and stays standing when jostled. It must be secured to ensure it doesn't pose a safety risk.

Attach the tarp: Our canopy tarps feature convenient grommets along the edges. Use bungee ties to connect the tarp to the corners of the frame, then secure with additional bungee ties along each edge.

Pack it up: Make sure your pack your canopy tarp up properly. All frame pieces and the tarp should be clean and dry before long-term storage. Fold the tarp carefully and store all the canopy pieces in a dry location.
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