Canopies & Tents

When you want to add a durable semi-permanent shelter to a backyard or driveway, A1 Tarps has you covered. Our tents and canopies are the perfect solutions when shady areas are needed for outdoor activities. When fashioned into a driveway canopy, these items can also serve as low-cost solutions for vehicle storage. The uses for these structures are as diverse as the structures themselves, holding everything from a neighborhood party to plants and lawn equipment.

As useful as regular tarps are for outside storage and protection, something extra is needed when people are added to the equation. Our portable tents and shelters come with all the poles and hardware needed to keep them upright so you can walk in and out as you please. They're also designed to withstand rain, wind and everything else that might ruin a good time. With outdoor canopies and tarps available in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors, there's an option for just about any need at A1 Tarps.

Activity Canopies for Home or Business Use

Canopies and tents are versatile structures that you can use on special occasions or all year-round. A simple canopy tent is a versatile structure that you can use to add some comfortable portable shade to your yard. Place it over a picnic table and you'll instantly have the feel of a covered porch. For your next big gathering, consider a large party tent. These coverings add a whole outdoor extension to your home so you can invite and accommodate more guests.

Businesses can make use of canopies as well. Place a canopy in front of your business and move some merchandise outside to draw in shoppers off the street. Standard mesh canopies provide basic shade on sunny days while a heavy-duty canopy can remain up through rainstorms and other foul weather.

Special events also benefit from the right tenting. Using overhead tarps for your outdoor event will provide sun protection and draw attention for company barbecues, clothing swaps, fundraising events, charity events, farmers markets or community fairs. Create a shaded spot for watching your kids' soccer games or a comfortable place to set up your table at the next yard sale. There's no need to hold all your special events inside with the right portable canopy.

Rugged Storage Tents & Canopies

Outdoor storage, too, is never out of reach with a canopy or tent. Many canopies are large enough for vehicle storage, which is excellent for individuals who do not have access to a garage. Whether you want a simple valance tent or driveway canopy to protect your vehicles from the sun and moisture, or you'd rather have a fully enclosed tent that floor to ceiling sides for long-term use, there's a canvas-covered option available for you. Set up a car tarp tent over your driveway to provide the protection of a garage for your guests on special occasions, or keep one beside the house to protect the boat all year long. Portable garages can be brought with you on camping trips to prevent damage from falling branches or wild animals. The possibilities are endless with these simple structures!

Greenhouse canopies are another class of outdoor canopy that will add a great deal of functionality to your yard. If you live in a climate where harsh winters seriously shorten your growing season, you can plant earlier and harvest later with the help of a well-constructed greenhouse canopy. Some durable frames even allow for overhead hanging baskets. Your gardening possibilities instantly multiply with this type of structure. Not only can greenhouse tarps preserve your crops, but they can also maximize the time you spend planting and tending to your harvest.

For those who enjoy outdoor gardening and landscaping, there are equipment storage tents. These pop-up tents will hold your lawn mower, trimmer, rakes, shovels and everything else you need for outdoor yard work. By setting up a garden canopy, you can keep supplies close by without having to invest a shed.

Rugged Tents You Can Afford

Our canvas tarps are made from a polyethylene fabric material that is durable and resists abrasions. The shells of canopy tents are made from powder-coated or galvanized steel frames. This tough construction will protect your belongings from UV rays and dampness. You can even order fire-retardant canopies that are perfect for cookouts, carnivals or other events where you're concerned about possible fire hazards. These tents are easy to install and can provide quick and easy shade over a backyard patio - or they can be set up to provide a cool area at athletic fields on hot summer days.

The real beauty of these weatherproof tents is that they can be set up quickly and transported easily. They are entirely portable tarps that keep up with your busy lifestyle. A1 Tarps has been providing outdoor event solutions for homes and businesses since 1981. As a family-owned company, we are committed to offering high-quality products with great phone service from our helpful sales representatives.
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