Woodland Camo Poly Tarps
(8 Mil)

Our heavy-duty camouflage tarps are built for the outdoorsman who needs rugged protection from the elements. Absolutely ideal for hunting, camping and other outdoor sports, camouflage tarps are highly functional and inconspicuous at the same time.

A camo tarp can be used as a type of outdoor poly plastic tarp. While a camo tarp is often associated with hunting and similar sports, it can also serve all of the same functions as a typical poly tarp - but with camo. One unique application camo tarps are especially suited for is building temporary shelters. Aside from camping, hunting and sports, a camo tarp can be used for a wide variety of applications including construction projects like covering leaky residential/commercial roof tops, since it offers the same level of durability and protective properties as a blue tarp. A medium grade camo tarp has a 10 x 10 mesh count and a thickness of 8 mil.

A camouflage tarp can be taken along on a camping trip as a tarp shelter in case of unexpected weather conditions. Tarp shelters are typically composed of two tarps - a larger tarp protecting both the tent and the immediate surrounding ground area of the tent, and a smaller tarp placed underneath the tent to line the floor. The smaller tarp should be the size of the bottom of the tent. Should the ends of the tarp stick out, water could possibly enter between the tarp and the bottom of the tent. The larger tarp protecting the tent should be angled so that rain and excess water can run off and away from the tent, instead of collecting on top.

Unlike standard, brightly colored tarps, camouflage tarps don't draw attention to you making them perfect for your hunting cabin or tree house. They can also be used for many everyday applications, including as car, boat and RV covers, lumber covers and ground and roof canopies thanks to the heavy-duty, polyethylene makeup.

Each camo tarp is made from 4.8-ounce, 8-millimeter thick polyethylene materials and contains a 10 x 10 mesh count. The 1,000 denier count means that each one is supremely tear resistant and durable-a perfect build for the toughest of outdoor jobs and applications. Added rope reinforced edges and triple ply poly protects against abrasions, stretching and fraying, keeping these camouflage tarps in play for years of camping, hunting and outdoor usage. Plus, our hunting tarps are specially constructed with an added layer of UV protection, allowing for extra shielding against high heat and damaging sun rays that can cause fading and warping of your outdoor items.

With all kinds of sizes and varieties to choose from, there's no job, big or small, that's not suited for these high-quality, heavy duty camo tarps. Thanks to the added breath-ability of durable mesh, our camouflage poly tarps are fully mildew and acid resistant, so they'll keep your outdoor storage clean and dry for years to come. Each waterproof tarp is fashioned with 36-inch grommet spacing for flexible covering options and has been treated for arctic flexibility, meaning it won't lose functionality in freezing temperatures.
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