Truck Tarps

truck tarpsTruck tarps are a necessity for safety. Gravel, asphalt, and small rocks are transported in dump trucks on roads and highways. If any of these materials, no matter how small, fall out, they become a hazard to motorists and pedestrians. Instead of taking a risk, protect the load by using a truck tarp. But even when a dump truck isn't used, tarps are also a necessity. Various items transported in flatbed and dump trucks cannot be exposed to water. Wood and asphalt, in particular, need significant protection. Once the load is covered with polyethylene or vinyl, the tarp keeps out water and moisture, and prevents damage to the load. Truck tarps are often made from heavy-duty polyethylene, although vinyl and polypropylene mesh are used. Vinyl and polyethylene are the most efficient for water protection, while mesh is sufficient enough for gravel, rocks, and garbage in a dump truck. Vinyl is considered the strongest tarp available, and it provides the longest lifespan. Polyethylene is also efficient, and this large tarp is treated to be waterproof, UV resistant, rot proof, and mildew resistant. Polypropylene mesh, on the other hand, lets a small amount of light pass through. As a permeable material, it provides enough protection to keep gravel, rocks, and other items inside a truck bed. Dump truck tarps are attached electrically or manually. In either instance, however, the material must not be too tight, or else it may become stretched out and not be as effective over time. On the other hand, too-loose material often experiences wind whip and will likely tear. Flatbed truck tarps, however, fit around the load. The material, in this case, is shaped specifically for the load being transported. Flatbed truck tarps wrap around the load, and once this is complete, the load with the tarp is secured to the bed. Many large tarps are ideal for trucks. Before you purchase material, measure the size of the truck's load and choose a tarp that will fit around or over it. Read More
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