Tent Tarp

tarp tentIf you are heading out on a camping trip, whether it is your first or one in a long line of many you probably know that it is important to have a tent with you to provide shelter. Typical tents provide complete shelter with a roof, floor, door, and multiple walls depending on the shape of the tent. But if you are interested in a more outdoorsy experience or you happened to forget your tent or any other tent-related mishaps occur you may want to consider using a tarp to construct your tent. The first step in creating a tarp tent is making sure that you bring a tarp or two on your camping trip. There are a wide variety of tarps you can choose from in order to build your tarp tent; the main factor that you will decide on when selecting the tarp for you is the fabric. Most modern tarps are made out plastic material such as polypropylene which means that they are water proof; there are other tarps that are made out of heavier materials like canvas but they do not offer protection against the water as well as poly-tarps do. After deciding on the material that you are going to use for your tarp tent it is important to find an ideal spot on your campsite. Because tarps do not come with the support poles that modern tents do you will have to improvise. Your best bet will be to find a well lit area near trees so you can secure rope to a few of them and then to the corners of your tarp to create a taut and protective shelter. Depending on the type of shelter you are aiming to create you may need to stake down corners of the tarp to create walls. You may also need to use large branches or hiking poles to ensure that your tarp tent is safe and stable to sleep under. Our tarps provide excellent shelter when used for a tarp tent; if you are unsure of how to set up your first tarp tent consider asking fellow campers. Setting up a tarp tent is a skill that every camper should learn, whether they are a novice or an experienced outdoorsman. Read More
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