Silver Tarps

silver tarpsSilver is one of the more common colors for tarps. Although treated to have the same properties as any other heavy-duty polyethylene material, silver tarps are typically used outdoors. Silver, much like white, deflects heat rather than absorbing it and keeps the investment under or inside a canopy cool. As a result, silver tarps are made in several sizes for personal and commercial uses. Although 12x20 heavy-duty silver tarps are sufficient for covering cars or motorcycles or for portable canopies, trucks and construction uses often need larger material. Silver tarps are made out of rip-stop, heavy-duty polyethylene. To keep out water, the material is treated to be waterproof and is also UV resistant, mildew resistant, and rot proof. This combination of qualities allows a tarp, in a short- or long-term use, to keep out UV rays and moisture and to prevent mold, mildew, or dry rot from forming on an investment. In terms of personal use, silver tarps are typically paired with a steel canopy frame or are used on their own. For the former, a galvanized or powder-coated steel frame and a tarp can protect an investment underneath from the elements, and the silver color prevents heat from being absorbed. Silver tarps, in either instance, can protect your everyday vehicle, such as a car or motorcycle; shield and shade a seasonal vehicle, such as a boat or RV, for several months; or can be thrown over any investment or object kept outdoors for a few days or months. Large silver tarps, for similar purposes, are used commercially. To protect a load that cannot be exposed to moisture, a silver tarp can be placed over the bed of a truck. In construction, such material may be placed on one or more sides of a building to keep in heat, warming the area for workers, or can line a fence to prevent debris from escaping a site. As part of portable buildings, silver tarps may also protect larger investments ranging from farm equipment to trucks or may be used for any commercial-size garage or carport. Read More
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