RV Tarps

rv tarpsIn order to protect your hard earned investment, such as a recreation vehicle or camper, a person should always have a sturdy and reliable tarp at the ready. Given the unpredictable and increasingly violent weather patterns that have impacted much of the country in recent years, a well built tarp will prolong the life of any prized recreational vehicle. If a family is on a vacation and they are using their recreational vehicle then there is a chance that they might incur some sudden and brutal weather. In order to protect their recreational vehicle, a tarp large enough to cover the whole vehicle, with a little extra space, should be deployed. Contrary to popular belief, the exterior of most campers and recreational vehicles are relatively delicate. Television satellites, global positioning equipment, antennas and numerous other items can get damaged during a torrential rain storm. Before securing a tarp to a recreational vehicle, strips of wood should line the roof of the vehicle. Air circulation should be on both ends; this is best done by leaving a small gap between the tarp and the RV- instead of a flap from an untied grommet. In terms of long term protection for a recreational vehicle, most experts feel that a heavy duty polyester tarp is the best fit. A heavy duty polyester tarp is designed for long term winterization of cars, boats, farm equipment, campers and recreational vehicles. Poly RV tarps are highly weather and rot resistant, they are thicker than your average tarp and they are built to last a very long time. Using a poly tarp to protect a recreational vehicle during the winter months is more cost effective than storing an RV in a storage lot. These types of tarps can also be used to cover farm equipment, boats, watercrafts, cords of wood and valuable construction materials. Read More
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