Roof Tarps

roof tarpsWhen a particularly violent hurricane or tornado sweeps through a residential area, one of the first things to get damaged is the roofs of the homes and businesses. Once all or even just a small part of a roof is damaged, then the ensuing rains can lead to even more damage being done to the home or business. Making matters worse is that after the storm has passed and it is safe to venture outside, many hardware stores run out of heavy duty tarps. Even when it is not raining, a damaged roof can continue to be deleterious to the basic structure of a home or business. According to various studies, the number of hurricanes along with the number of powerful tornadoes is increasing; moreover, these types of storms are touching down in new areas of the country. One June 1, 2011 The National Weather service put out tornado warning for New York City and the surrounding areas. Due to the ever changing weather patterns, people in parts of the country who never experienced violent tornadoes need to start preparing for the inevitable with roof tarps. A heavy duty, weather and rot resistant polyethylene tarp made with rope-reinforced edges along with reinforced corner guards and hemmed edges should be at the top of everyone's emergency preparedness list. This type of tarp is ideal for covering a section of a roof that has been either torn off or damaged by the wrath of Mother Nature. A blue 20' x 30' tarp sells for around $33.00 and when the time comes, this tarp could prevent a great deal of long term damage to a home or business. Vigilant home owners, diligent landlords and smart business owners should not delay any longer; they should make the investment in several roof tarps. These types of roof tarps are very easy to store and made to last a long time. Read More
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