Portable Tent Storage Garages

portable tent storage garagesNot every home is equipped with a garage. With plenty of land surrounding a house or a driveway, a home can still have storage. Before you start planning for a brick-and-mortar structure, researching building permits, and purchasing materials, think about portable tent storage garages. Made from a powder-coated or galvanized steel frame and a polyethylene tarp, portable tent storage garages are strong enough to protect a vehicle from high winds and heavy snow and keep out water and UV rays, which damage the surface of a vehicle over time. Instead of drawing up plans for a new building, look at the many options for portable tent storage garages. Tent-style structures are designed with a peaked roof and straight sides, with a steep or shallow peak. Not all portable tent storage garages have a peak style, however, and another popular option is a rounded design. Rounded roof structures are ideal for areas that regularly experience precipitation, as the rain or snow simply rolls off without accumulating. Barn-style portable garages are a third type of shelter. Much like tent-style structures, these portable garages have a peaked roof designed like that for a barn. All portable tent storage garages, additionally, come in valance and enclosed styles. Valance structures are covered on top by the tarp and have a small overhang on each side. Carports are often designed with this form. Enclosed portable garages, on the other hand, are covered on all sides by a tarp and are ideal for protecting seasonal vehicles for several months outdoors. Once anchored into the ground, portable tent storage garages are strong enough to withstand 95 mile per hour winds and several pounds of snow. While the steel frame provides strength, the polyethylene tarp is treated to be UV resistant, waterproof, mildew resistant, and rot proof. These qualities allow the material to block out water and UV rays and prevent mildew, mold, and dry rot from forming on the surface of the vehicle. Before purchasing a portable tent storage garage, research local ordinances regarding portable shelters and sheds. Most areas have some restrictions, although size limits and location are the most common. Some ordinances, for example, specify that a portable shelter can only be set up on the side or in back of a home. Similarly, size restrictions by local ordinances limit a shelter to protecting no more than, on average, two vehicles. Instead of having a portable garage that does not comply with local ordinances, do some research before looking at shelters. Read More
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