Portable Garages

portable garagesNot all homes are built with a brick-and-mortar garage. But, this doesn't mean the car needs to sit directly outside, exposed to the elements. Instead, portable garages are the perfect solution to your shelter conundrum: a structure that keeps out rain and UV rays and costs a fraction of the price of a traditional garage. Portable garages and shelters are constructed from a galvanized steel frame and a heavy-duty polyethylene canopy. The canopy provides the coverage from the elements, as the material has been treated to be waterproof, UV resistant, fire retardant, and mold, mildew, and rot resistant. The frame, similarly, is designed to withstand high winds and heavy snow but only when installed correctly. The legs for the frame need to be set in concrete and installed into the ground, and the building will be resilient against extreme weather. Portable garages are designed in enclosed and open varieties. The former out of these two is common for covering everyday vehicles like cars and motorcycles. The car can simply park inside the garage and will be protected from UV exposure and water damage. If more than one car needs to be parked, larger portable garages will shelter more than one vehicle. Enclosed portable garages, on the other hand, are ideal for protecting seasonal vehicles, such as boats and RVs. While these vehicles provide plenty of entertainment in warmer weather, they need to be put in storage once the temperature gets lower. Out of the several storage options available, including RV parks, docks, shrink-wrapping, and tarps, portable garages are the most sturdy and reliable. The goal when storing seasonal vehicles is to reduce damage from moisture and UV rays. Both of these factors affect the vehicle directly when it's left outdoors. UV rays fade paint and finishes and crack surface materials, while moisture invites mildew to form on the surface. An enclosed canopy keeps these two factors out and away from the vehicle, while letting air circulate inside to prevent moisture from being locked inside and causing mildew to form. Read More
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