Portable Garages Shelters

portable garages sheltersPortable garages and shelters offer versatility for covering a vehicle. Your everyday car can be protected from water and UV exposure in one of these shelters; similarly, a seasonal vehicle, such as a boat or an RV, can also receive the same level of coverage. Protection is offered to several items and investments from one of these shelters and, unlike a permanent brick and mortar structure, they can be moved anywhere on your property. Portable garages and shelters are composed of a galvanized steel frame and a heavy-duty polyethylene canopy. The canopy is the primary form of protection from the elements. The rip-stop polyethylene is treated to be waterproof, UV resistant, fire retardant, and mold, mildew, and rot resistant. These features keep the vehicle protected, while the design of the shelter allows air to circulate underneath and prevent mildew from forming. The frame, meanwhile, offers its strength to the shelter's composition. When installed in concrete into the ground, the steel frame withstands large amounts of snow and rain. If snow and rain are a significant concern, however, rounded roof portable shelters and garages have a design that lets the precipitation simply roll off. Protecting your everyday car is a typical use for a portable garage. The car can simply park under the canopy portion and be protected from exposure to UV rays and moisture. If you have multiple vehicles needing protection, larger portable garages or shelters will cover two or more at a time. Aside from your car or another everyday vehicle like a motorcycle, seasonal vehicles, such as boats and RVs, last longer from the protection a portable garage offers. Seasonal vehicles are in use for three or four months during the year but, once fall or winter comes, the vehicle needs to go in storage. Leaving a boat or RV outside, exposed to the elements, will shorten its lifespan: UV rays fade any paint or finish on the vehicle, while moisture can build up and cause mildew to form on the surface. Enclosed portable garages and shelters offer these vehicles full protection, which lengthens their lifespan, from the elements. A boat or RV parked inside a shelter won't be exposed to UV rays and rain for six or more months during the year, and the shelter, unlike shrink-wrapping, allows moisture to circulate inside. Read More
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