Portable Garage Plans

portable garage plansIf you have made the decision to add a portable garage to your home, you are probably excited about the new parking space you will have and keeping your car protected from the elements. A portable garage is going to bring tons of new storage options to your life and may even act as a temporary shelter at your next tailgating event or party. As you can see, portable garages can be highly beneficial, but before you receive yours, it is important that you plan accordingly to have it set up at your home. Portable garage plans for your home can be quite a big deal, depending on the size of the structure you select. While the building may be portable, it is almost like adding a permanent structure to your home, so there are steps you have to take to ensure you are within the bounds of your town's ordinances and laws. It is also important to ensure that your neighbors will not be bothered and compelled to complain with the addition of your new portable garage. So you should first consult with your immediate neighbors to let them know you will be making the addition and see if they have any objections. After you have the okay from your neighbors, it is time to talk to the proper city officials to determine whether or not it is legal to assemble a large portable garage on your property. This may require filling out legal paper work to obtain a permit that will legally allow you to construct your portable garage at your home. If there are objections from your local government about your portable garage, you may have to have it modified to meet city requirements or return your canopy to purchase one that abides by city laws. It may seem like there are hoops to jump through in planning to set up your portable garage, but at the end of the day, you will have a parking solution. You will be able to use your portable garage, legally, for years to come without the disruption of city officials or neighbors. What may be a few days work will lead to your car looking beautiful for years to come. Read More
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